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Beginner Dragon Trainer

At castle level 5 where we end this guide, you unlock the Dragon Lair. Here you hatch and develop your dragons, which are a key part of your armies.

Once your castle has reached Level 5 the Dragon Cave will become unlocked, and you will be able to enter it to hatch and raise dragons in order to add a fifth member to your party when you prepare for battle.

There are five different types of dragons in Infinity Kingdom and each one is tied to an element – Water, Water, Earth, Wind, and Lightning. Each of these dragons has 5 maturity stages – Egg, Infancy, Adolescence, Adulthood, and Elder.

Dragon Upgrades

You will need dragon soul crystals in order to hatch a dragon egg when you reach Level 5 and unlock the Dragon Cave. Dragon soul crystals can be acquired as rewards from world bosses, quests and events. Once the dragon egg has hatched, you will be able to raise and upgrade your dragon by spending gold, which can be obtained from the Coin Mint and Dwellings buildings. You will be able to train a dragon when you see a dragon icon bubble above the Dragon Cave. When your dragon reaches level 5, 15, and 25 you will unlock skills for them. This skill and their effects can be upgraded by spending Dragon Soul Crystals.

Basically, there is two different ways of upgrading your dragon:

  1. Leveling: Increasing the level of your dragon costs a ton of gold and take a loooong time. Each upgrade increases the stats of all Immortals fighting with the dragon.
  2. Domestication: As you reach different maturity stages for your dragon, abilities become available. Each dragon has 3 unique abilities. Read them carefully, and upgrade them as quickly as you can on your main dragon. This means always keep killing gnome bosses and open dragon boxes (more on that later).

Tips and tricks: Later in the game remember how to upgrade dragons right! You want to domesticate abilities for almost all dragons 3-1-3, 5-3-5, 7-5-7, 9-7-9, 10-8-10, 10-10-10.

Read all about how to obtain dragon crystals here!

What do I do when I just hatched my first dragon??

While I would recommend you read the above article which explains everything you need to know about upgrading levels and domestication of your dragon, for now.

You have a water dragon to hatch and should keep it simple: Just keep your dragon upgrading at all times and you are doing good.

Published: 13-08-2022