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Beginner Sailing

O-hoy capt’n, whalecome to Beginner sailing!

In this article we shall dive into what the heck the Harbour is doing in your castle and figure out if you should spend that hard earned gold on sending out sailors to explore lands beyond your reach?

What is “sailing”?

So, you have made it through your tutorial and have build a harbour. Now you are faced with a choice – to sail or not to sail? Let’s figure out what it is.

Sailing is a way for you to spend gold on a “sailing trip” which will take x amount of hours for your sailors to complete, once they return you can reap a bit a goodies.

What are the rewards you ask? You will be getting:

  1. Purple crystals
  2. Speedups (all sorts)
  3. Immortal fragments
  4. Buffs

How does it work? You simply spend the gold and choose either a 3 hour, 6 hour or 12 hour journey. You should choose whichever fits your playtime, meaning if you need to go offline for 12 hours, go for that. If you are going to log back in after 3 hours, go for that.

It used to be that the longer journeys were always more rewarding, but that seems to have stopped. Do take note of the purple crystal count though – it might be that new servers differ in rewards and they equalize as the chronicle ends. I am not entirely sure on that.

Should I spend my hard earned gold?

As hinted above, yes. You should always keep your harbour busy. Purple crystals are the most important thing in Infinity Kingdom. You will be tight squeezed for purple crystals throughout the game, only IF you are a big big whale and have reached end-game (completed 3-4 marches 100%) do you begin to not need purple crystals badly. It is the most important ressource.

Why? you will find after level 12 where you complete the Tower of Knowledge (ToK). Basically, Infinity Kingdom is based on adding extra abilities aka. Tower of Knowledge (ToK) passive abilities to each Immortal. These are extreemly powerful and make or break an Immortal and a march setup. You need a ton of purples to max. Read more in my guides (1) ToK Passives explained and (2) ToK Passives Upgrade Costs

Lastly, I should note that the price of venturing out into the world with ships will increase as your server progress through the “Chronicle”. All you should note is, that the price may increase, but so does the rewards. At all levels and all progress stages of the Chronicle you should always keep 100% production on your harbour.

Published: 24-08-2022