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Beginner Power up Immortals

Upgrade level of Immortals

You want to level up your main march Immortals as quickly as possible. This means having a single army of 4x Immortal in as high level as possible. Only once you complete your main march (Immortals reach max level) should you begin leveling your other armies.

This is a truth with small modifications.. once you reach a decent level (25-30+) you can begin leveling your second and third march a little bit. Get them to level 10 or 15 to increase troop load to match ressource nodes on the map.

You level up Immortal with in two ways:

  1. Killing gnomes (see guide)
  2. Using EXP scrolls (gained in Well of Eternity after castle level 5)

You should always use all of the EXP scrolls you have. You cannot make a mistake by upgrading a “wrong” Immortal in your main march. This is because you can reborne them later and get 100% EXP back as scrolls. So go nuts! Spend everything you have as you progress.

Upgrade Development (Star) rank of Immortals

Upgrading the development / also called “star rank” of your Immortals is very important. It increases the stats of your Immortal and most importantly, it boosts the output of your Immortal’s unique ultimate ability.

You spend Immortal Fragments and Gold to upgrade star-rank on Immortals. Obtaining Immortal fragments is different for different Immortals, you can get them from e.g. Arena rewards, Summoning, Marketplace, In-Game Purchases, etc. Read my guide here to see where you can collect various Immortals: How to get Immortal Fragments

Upgrade Boost Level of Immortals

At Castle level 5 you unlock “Well of Eternity”. A PvE lore-campaign which yield materials used to upgrade Immortal boost levels.

You should complete Well of Eternity as quickly as you can. Each advancement earns new upgrade materials which in turn enables you to upgrade the boost level of your Immortals.

Doing so unlocks powerful boosts to your Immortals Power and it is key to the overall strength of your army.

Read my in-depth article on boost-levels here: Boost Level Upgrades

You should never waste SP. While you should always spend all the SP you have (just like AP) you should always spend it on fights you will win. When you reach a level in Well of Eternity where your army looses. Simply start raiding previous levels instead.

Strengthen Equipment

Farming gnomes levels up your Immortals. Also spending EXP scrolls levels them up. You should spend everything and keep them as high leveled as you can. Later on, you can delete an Immortal and get back all the EXP and ressources invested into that Immortal for free. So when you get a stronger Immortal through purchase or summon, you can simply melt your old one and build the new (melt has a cooldown, but it is very low early on and not an issue).

You want to upgrade your equipment as quickly as possible. Killing gnomes yields upgrade materials, upgrading makes your Immortal more powerful and able to kill higher level gnomes, which yield more materials. It is a wonderful spiral, and you should spend everything that comes in.

Don’t be afraid to spend all your upgrade materials. You can always rebirth the items and get 100% of the materials spent back. You should upgrade gray untill you get green, melt and upgrade green till you get blue, etc.

Additional information

If you want to learn more about the values of Philosopher stones, you can find more in the following guides:

  • You can get various battle or support skills for your Immortals. Unlock skills at the Tower of Knowledge and equip your Immortals with the most suitable skills to optimize their performance on the battlefield! Read more in the guide: All Passives
  • Upgrading even just a single march with elite/epic passives will quickly cost you upwards of 2 million purple crystals (1,960,800). In this guide you will find a table with information on the cost of upgrading each level of each type of passive. Read more in the guide: Upgrade costs Passives (ToK)
  • Figuring out which ToK passives you should use is the hardest thing about Infinity Kingdom. It is what every player struggles with from the smalles noob to the biggest most experianced PvP kings. You need to figure out what works without spending a ton of purple crystals on passives that turns out to be worthless. As an example, Fire has a very strong DPS while being very vulnerable to physical damage. That way, you can push this strength by adding Weakness(increases crit), while adding Oaken(reduces physical damage taken) and Misleading(increases your dodge) to protect you against Physical damage. In addition, you have to think about how the elemental dragon interacts with ToK skills. For example, the fire dragon scales damage from buff = blessings gain increased value for fire teams. Same with debuffs for Lightning.
    Read more about passives combinations and strategies here: Passive combinations and strategies
    You should also read build guides before committing to the expensive passive upgrades. See my build guides here: Advanced Builds or Beginner Builds
  • Purple Crystals are the most sought after ressource in Infinity Kingdom, simply because you need a metrix ton in order to max out passives on all of your Immortals. Read my guide on how many crystals you will need, how to get them and most importantly – the most efficient way to obtain them.
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Published: 11-08-2022