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Beginner Summoning and Philosopher Stones

In Infinity Kingdom, Immortals are everything. These are your heroes used to fight other lords, gnomes and bosses. Summoning as many Immortals as you can is paramount as you need to both (1) unlock Immortals that works in synergy with each other to create a strong setup to fight with and (2) the Immortals and Immortal fragments which you do not use to fight with, can be melted for Purple Crystal, which is a vital ressource for powering up your Immortals (see guide: Beginner Power up Immortals)

Summoning Immortals

There are two different types of summons: Normal and Advanced. You should do normal as often as you can, and advanced with the free daily summon.

You should not do 1x advanced summons using Philosopher stones!

Summon as many normals as you can, but after tuturial forces you to, NEVER do a solo Philosopher stone summon. You should ALWAYS to a 9x summon for 10% extra.

(2) Immortal left-overs to power up your army?

Don’t worry about it yet. At level 7 you will unlock the Alchemy Lab where you can “melt” fragments into purple crystals, but you cannot use these untill level 12 where you will unlock the Tower of Knowledge and the Passive Abilities. These ToK (Tower of Knowledge) passives are what you will be upgrading using your hard earned purple crystals.

For now, all you need to worry about it summoning as much as possible. Later when you create strong setups you can start worrying about the rest..

Additional information

If you want to learn more about the values of Philosopher stones, you can find more in the following guides:

  • You can get various battle or support skills for your Immortals. Unlock skills at the Tower of Knowledge and equip your Immortals with the most suitable skills to optimize their performance on the battlefield! Read more in the guide: All Passives
  • Upgrading even just a single march with elite/epic passives will quickly cost you upwards of 2 million purple crystals (1,960,800). In this guide you will find a table with information on the cost of upgrading each level of each type of passive. Read more in the guide: Upgrade costs Passives (ToK)
  • Figuring out which ToK passives you should use is the hardest thing about Infinity Kingdom. It is what every player struggles with from the smalles noob to the biggest most experianced PvP kings. You need to figure out what works without spending a ton of purple crystals on passives that turns out to be worthless. As an example, Fire has a very strong DPS while being very vulnerable to physical damage. That way, you can push this strength by adding Weakness(increases crit), while adding Oaken(reduces physical damage taken) and Misleading(increases your dodge) to protect you against Physical damage. In addition, you have to think about how the elemental dragon interacts with ToK skills. For example, the fire dragon scales damage from buff = blessings gain increased value for fire teams. Same with debuffs for Lightning.
    Read more about passives combinations and strategies here: Passive combinations and strategies
    You should also read build guides before committing to the expensive passive upgrades. See my build guides here: Advanced Builds or Beginner Builds
  • Purple Crystals are the most sought after ressource in Infinity Kingdom, simply because you need a metrix ton in order to max out passives on all of your Immortals. Read my guide on how many crystals you will need, how to get them and most importantly – the most efficient way to obtain them.
    Read the full guide here: Grinding Purple Crystals with max efficiency

Published: 11-08-2022