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Beginner Technology Research

In the academy you have a ton of research into new technology. This is extreemly important to do, as there are huge growth buffs and crucial combat buffs to be gained here. Furthermore, you want to be efficient about it, since you are going to be doing Technology Research the entire game.

What should I research? So many options!

You want to prio build speed before all else. Get that shit going hard! Once u do that, I like having a little in rss development too to help out getting more rss for builds.

You also need to move into Gold Piles for that extra gold. At end game, gold will be the most valuable ressource. You will run out of things to do with all other ressources before gold! Dragon levels and Immortal boost levels is extreemly expensive, hence gold production a high prio.

Lastly, you want to eventually get into tech speed too. However, you should wait a bit on that and get your troop boosts up once you unlock this at academy level 8.

This is my prefered tech priority:

  1. Always max Speedy Construction (Development)
  2. Keep Gold Piles as high level as possible (Development)
  3. Grab Enhanced Crossbows as soon as possible (Troops)
  4. Then go for Mounted Charge / Spear Dance / Frontal Strike (Troops)
  5. After these first troop tech tiers, go for Bowman tech in Immortal Tab.
  6. Go ahead and get up your Boost Consumption now, you will have quite a few levels by now and boosts are beginning to become expensive.
  7. Keep this logic, upgrade troop tech over Immortal tech untill you cap out at all level 40 tech. Upgrade Immortal tech secondary to troop and ALWAYS prioritize bowmen over all other types (since you are running 2x bowmen troops and they are most of your damage output).

Published: 07-09-2022