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Beginner Talented Talenting

At level 5 you unlock talents, I recommend a development centric approach to talents as a beginner.

Infinity Kingdom Talents 1:1

There are two talent trees in Infinity Kingdom: Development and Military. As the names suggest, the first hold powerful development boosts and buffs, which will benefit you a lot while you grow. The second, has a lot of battle buffs and troop boosts, which are powerful in endgame PvE and PvP content.

There are three “Talent Pages” available. These are options for you to have three pre-set talent setups to switch between. So once you unlock a lot of talent points, you wont have to reset the entire thing every time you e.g. begin a dragon upgrade and need to swap into your dragon upgrade talents. Or every time you are in a PvP encounter (SvS mainly) where you need your Military talents.

Advanced talents: If you are curious on talent builds you will be using later in the game (40+) you can read all about the different builds and which loadouts you should have set as talent pages in my articles here: Talent Builds

Beginner Talenting

As a beginner, we do not care about Military talents. The bonuses are useless since our stats are so low anyway, plus we really need to grow and grow fast – hence development is your friend.

What should I talent you ask? Well for now, you have 1 talent point 😉 Use that in Building Speed. As you level up on your journey you should build towards this development talent build. You want to go development first as suggest in the guide.

Once you get strong enough to begin raiding cities in Norheim and get enough levels to unlock heavy dragon tech you can begin dabbling in other talent specs. You want to familiarize yourself with the different talent builds by then.

For now, see below: These are the most important talents for you to worry about. I personally prefer Experiance over Stone (but as you can see I have marked both) because some servers will have more difficulty obtaining Stone from e.g. dead castles or PvP than others.

Published: 13-08-2022