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Beginner Blood Rage Strategy

As you try attacking another Lord you will be struck with a debuff called “Bloody Rage”. The tutorial explains the Blood Rage PvP mechanic pretty well, it is a simple mechanic but also one which require you to think about how you play.

Blood rage 101

Blood rage is a debuff and while you have it “you cannot relocate or use shields for 10 min.

The debuff and tutorial begins the second you click attack and send an army at another Lord player.

The debuff lasts for 10 min. and is refreshed every time you send a new PvP attack or attack a city.

The debuff is triggered when (a) attacking another lord and/or (b) attacking a city wall or garrison.
The debuff is not triggered while fighting PvE encounters (besides city sieges).

Seems pretty simple right? And it is, but the mechanic has a couple major impacts on gameplay that you should know about.

You will be in a big disadvantage when fighting against other players if you do not think or learn how to manage cooldown mechanics like Blood Rage as well as their extended interactions with relocation cooldowns, combat encounter types (triggers), shield formations and rallies, etc.

Lucky for you, I have made a articles which explain everything you need to know about Blood rage, it’s interactions with other mechanics in PvP and siege encouters, and strategies for you to employ while you battle across Norheim and Frostborne in Infinity Kingdom.

You can read more in depth about managing Blood Rage in the following three guides:

  1. Relocation movement to counter Blood Rage effect
  2. Shield hives in PvP Norheim/SvS combat.
  3. City / CoR Relic siege movements

Published: 31-08-2022