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Beginner Bundles & Free swag

Infinity Kingdom has an ingame shop where you can purchase a large variety of bundles spending real-fiat currency. As a new player beginning your Infinity Kingdom journey, you shouldn’t worry too much about this shop. But do note, that while free-to-play players are key to have in any alliance and for any group content. There are some content like IB Prime League, where any F2P is just as competitively viable as the biggest whale. However, other content such as Throne of the Supreeme is where spending money will buy you victories.
Luckily, the smart player can still out-wit and win versus whales, but it is difficult.

Wether you are a free-to-play, light spender, or heavy whale. Knowing the shop and what to do in the beginning of your journey can give you a significant edge.

If you plan on spending anything in Infinity Kingdom, I recommend you read this article first and take advantage of the bonus rewards offered via Gtarcade platform and especially the special voucher bundles from the Gtarcade app.

Read Infinity Kingdom Bonus Value Vouchers

Free swag in the shop

You should go and grab the free bundle from the in-game shop, the speeds and ressources are very valuable at the lowest level and will spur growth the first levels. Also remeber the daily free ressources from the Daily Deals / Pearl Shop page.

Beginner Bundles (in-game purchases)

There are a bunch of “recommended” bundles available to new players on new servers.

  1. You can purchase a permanent builder for 5 USD and get Merlin on top. If you plan on spending anything, this is the absolute highest value purchase in the game. Merlin is insanely strong and the permanent builder is close to a must have since you have a ton of buildings to upgrade all the way to level 50.
  2. Ramssess II for 15 USD. If you plan on running water end game you should atleast consider Ramsses. In my opinion Ramssess, Attila, Merlin, Diddo is the absolute best water march (capable of killing big whales with P2W marches) on a quite low budget. See my water guides for more info.
  3. Attila is available for 6 USD through the Pearl Shop. If you want to run water you will need him eventually. So you can either spend and get him early or you can grind him out slowly as a free to play, via ingame seasonal events.

The recommendation tab also recommends you Yoshi and Herald. These are amongst the hundreds of Immortals available at a low chance via summons. You shouldn’t worry about this yet. Herald you will get in the arena as season 1 reward.

Read more about how to unlock different Immortals here.

Bundles and pricing schemes

In Infinity Kingdom, the shop bundles come in different sizes. Many of the “Special Bundles” have 1-5 tiers. Each get more expensive and importantly, each gets less value per dollar spent. As such, if you are player who wants to spend money on Infinity Kingdom, you will get more value from repeated purchasing over bulk.

Moreover, I would recommend you look into the Daily bundles, which are huge value (both pearl dailies and daily x2 special bundles).

Lastly, if you want to read more about the shop and information on bundle content and pricing, read my article here: Shop Bundles

Published: 03-08-2022