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Beginner Elemental Bonuses

In Infinity Kingdom, every Immortal and every dragon has an elemental affinity. Like many other games, there are groupings or types of units which are grouped togeather and buff each other as you use them togeather in various combinations. Some games use armor types, geographical affinity, civilization affinity, races, etc. In Infinity Kingdom, we have elements.

There are 7 elements in the game: Water, Fire, Wind, Lightning, Earth, Shadow and Holy.

Elemental bonuses explained

Each Immortal in Infinity Kingdom has unique skills and effects. Hence, they also have different uses in battle. To ensure victory in every battle, just upgrading your attributes and abilities isn’t enough. You also have to be strategic in how you use your Immortals. There is a lot of depth to this part of gameplay.

Elemental Strengths and Vulnerabilities

Immortals and Dragons come in seven different elements as explained above. Each element has a strong bonus to both damage and defense. For example, water has bonus damage and defense versus fire. Fire has bonus damage and defense versus wind. Wind has bonus damage and defense versus lightning. Lightning has bonus damage and defense versus earth. And finally, Earth has bonus damage and defense versus water.

How much is elemental counter-bonus?

The short answer is, no one know. The long answer is that it used to be 15% more damage dealt and 15% less damage taken. Or atleast so rumour has it and data suggested. Somewhere along the way around patch 1.5/1.6 something changed though and the buff seemed to be larger than that.

I cannot tell you precisely how much the bonus is, but I can say that I have seen multiple credible reports / tests made by other players that suggest the bonus for both damage dealth and reduction to damage recieved is between 20% and 25%.

What is certain, is that the buff is 100% a very big deal, however it is not everything! For instance, see my guide on Merlin-Dido water which will beat earth mains at the same power level.

Do try and counter your enemies, but elements is only part of that. Immortal Ultimate Abilities and ToK passive setups as equal to or more important than element.

Elemental Team Bonuses

Currently, each team consists of four Immortals and a Dragon. The more Immortals and Dragons of the same element are deployed, the greater the bonus the team will receive, as follows:

  • 3/5 – Your entire troop will recieve buffs: Immortal Physical Defense +20% and Immortal Magical Defense + 20%
  • 4/5 – Your entire troop will recieve buffs: Immortal Physical Attack +20% and Immortal Magical Attack +20%
  • 5/5 – Your enfire troop will recieve buffs: Troop HP +10%

I should mention that all of these bonuses stack! So, if you have 5 units of the same element, the troop will receive all of the bonus effects listed above. This means that you should try your best to develop units of the same element.

Should I always go 5/5 bonus?

Short answer: NO. While the bonus is definitely a nice boost to any march setup, it is by no means a must have.

Personally, I am running 3x marches with none at 5/5. For instance, earth-wind hybrid is amongst the absolute best teams in the current (patch 2.2 and 2.3) meta, here we have 3 earth Immortals hence only 3/5 buff.

In my fire team I run dual mage mayham meaning Baldwin or Merlin with Wu in the backline and thus 4/5 fire elemental buff.

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Published: 18-08-2022