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Beginner Gnome Raider

Raiding gnome camps is a crucial task in Infinity Kingdom, as this is the primary way of earning experiance points with your Immortals. Leveling up your Immortals means more power and higher troop count = more health and more damage. You want to get your Immortals in high level as quickly as possible.

Always focus on one march – this means you make one army with 4x Immortals and always focus on this army. You want to get a single march to as high power as possible quickly, do not raid gnomes with multiple marches. Basically, always send your “main march” untill it reaches max level.

Three types of gnomes

Infinity Kingdom has three different types of gnome camps for you to seek out and kill / raid. There is a few important things to note about this:

  1. Each type drops different equipment. If you want to read more in-depth about the drops of Gnome camps, please see my guide: Gnome drops
    Trynt = Helmets
    Bakan = Chest piece
    Rogue = offhand/accessory
    They all drop weapons

2. Each level of gnome camp have different enemies for you to fight. Every level of each type has a unique setup and element alignment of gnome enemies. For instance, all Trynt level 11 camps are primarily earth element and thus harder to kill with water than e.g. a level 12 Bakan camp, because that camp is fire.
Basically, this is where elemental bonuses come into play. Read more about elemental bonuses in my guide: Beginner Elemental Bonuses

You can find all gnome camps, their element type, recommended power, EXP yield and item drop quality in my article: Gnome farming level 1-40

Save or spend AP?

Killing gnomes is key to Immortal development and equipment improvement. You should always spend all of your AP, if you are in need of ressources for upgrade, raid other castles. If you are not = kill gnomes!

Max Immortal EXP from gnomes with talents

Later in Infinity Kingdom, as you level up your Lord level and unlock more talent points, there are three important talents you want to run untill you have your Immortals in your main march at maximum level. These are: Experianced & Divine Walker & Safe and Sound.

These give you maximum efficiency for fighting gnomes and should always be used. Spend them whenever you can.

Published: 11-08-2022