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Beginner Honor amongst the Nobel

The Tutorial takes you through your Nobility Ranking somewhere around this progress level. This is where the currency Honor is introduced to you. The tutorial explains how honor is earned by fighting other players (PvP) in the game. However, why you should care and what you should do about it is not made very clear.

Should I care about honor?

Depends.. If you are want to compete in PvP action, you are going to want an advantage over other players. How do we get that? Two ways, be more powerful or craft more skilled setups (passives and Immortal setups). Honor is a great way to increase your power without spending a dollar on the game. In the beginning you will see a small and pointless 0.5% buff to strength and Intelligence stats, however, you should note that these become extreemly strong as you climb the ranks.

At the next level (knight 2) you begin gaining a boost to Troop Number (which is HUGELY important in Infinity Kingdom and should always be a priority to get up as high as possible).

Moreover, as you increase your rank, more stats will be added and the percentage boost to Immortal stats keeps going up.

If you are a small or mid-level spender, having a high honor ranking can give you an edge that will keep you competitive against big whales. Personally, I have no shadow team and only half of a holy team, and I am able to compete with the biggest of whales. I could not do that without Prince buff.

Gem rewards

You also get a few gems each day from your honor ranking. It is not a large amount (at the lowest rank 10x Gems) but as you get up in rankings and maybe have e.g. Count level 3 unlocked, you gain 110 gems per day which can stack up quite quickly and make a big difference in the long run.

How to I get honor again?

You obtain honor by fighting other Lords in Player versus Player combat (PvP). This can be inside Norheim or in the Legion of Frostborne. If your server is a peaceful one, there will likely not be a lot of random road-rage fighting in Norheim. If you do care about honor and want to get them juicy buffs, you should consider creating alts and farming them. Please read my guide here: Farming Honor

Published: 24-08-2022