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How to Complete a Golden Path Season

The Golden Path Season is an eagerly anticipated event in which players have the chance to earn valuable rewards and progress through various levels. To make the most of this seasonal extravaganza, it’s crucial to understand the mechanics and strategies involved. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the key aspects of completing a Golden Path Season and provide you with tips and tricks to maximize your rewards. Credit to Heimyy for the information and insights making this article possible! Amazing work, thank you <3

Levels and Runtime: To fully utilize the entire shop during the Golden Path Season, players need to reach level 50. The event spans a duration of 30 days, giving you ample time to immerse yourself in its challenges and reap the rewards.

Maximize Weekly Points: Each week, there are several opportunities to earn points and boost your progress in the Golden Path. Here’s a breakdown of the maximum obtainable points per week:

  • Quests: Completing 10 quests per week can yield 50 points each, resulting in a total of 500 points.
  • Daily Gains: Engage in daily activities to earn 50 points each day, accumulating to 350 points per week.

Challenge Tasks: In addition to quests and daily gains, challenge tasks offer an extra avenue for accumulating points. By completing 11 quests specifically designed as challenge tasks, you can earn a total of 1600 additional points.

Total Gain Calculation: To calculate your overall progress in the Golden Path Season, consider the weekly points, daily gains, and challenge task points. By multiplying the weekly points by the number of weeks (four weeks in total) and adding the daily gains and challenge task points, you can determine your total gain. For instance, (500 * 4) + (50 * 30) + 1600 equals 5100 points, which corresponds to 51 levels in the Golden Path.

General Advice: To optimize your progress in the Golden Path Season, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Farm bosses in lower zones and gradually move closer to clusters. This strategy allows you to maximize your rewards.
  • Pay attention to illusion battle rewards for gnomes and try to time your Golden Path progress with the gnome-killing requirements. By doing so, you can double down on your gains.
  • Don’t overlook sails! Set them for a 3-hour duration until completion and then switch back to 12-hour durations. This is a cost-effective method that many players tend to miss.
  • Apart from these specific recommendations, the rest of the Golden Path progression is relatively straightforward.

Best Late-Game Rewards: For non-spending players, the most coveted reward is a castle skin with a different appearance. These skins often provide significant bonuses, such as a +2% increase in HP, which can greatly impact your gameplay. Unfortunately, it seems that the opportunity for non-spending players to obtain this reward during the bi-annual event has been missed.

For spending players, castle skins or portals are highly sought after. Portals, in particular, are eagerly anticipated by high spenders.

Published: 13-06-2023