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Boss Killing Build (Fire)

Welcome to a boss-killer special! In this guide I will share my findings on how to efficiently kill bosses without having to spend additional time and AP on multiple attacks. Instead, we rely on the fire dragon in combination with the two best single-target damage Immortals in the game.

Using this build I am able to reliably kill level 15 bosses with my third march (level 40 Immortals at boost level 20). This means no spending valuable gold and EXP on Immortals for PvE activities when you want to max out your PvP marches.

The Dragon

You want to run Ignatius the fire dragon in your march. He deals a ton of damage with his breath.

In addition to the raw damage of his breath, Ignatius’ second ability is PERFECT for a boss-killing army. By providing a crit damage buff (an insanely strong one at that) with a high proc chance, he is a must have if you want to be the very best at killing bosses.


We need to run 3 fire Immortals to get that juicy damage buff

Luckily, fire also have some of the very best Immortals at dealing raw damage. You want to run:

  1. Hippo. She is tied with Yoshiu for best single-target Immortal in the game (with unique artifact she is insane, without she is tied with Yoshi for best damage dealer).
  2. William. He deals decent damage, but more importantly he buffs your Immortals with crit buff that is very strong. He will be our support while maintaining a default decent damage output.
  3. Empress Wu. She deals very nice magic damage and gives us the ability to utilize the strong magic damage passives available. Her own raw damage is quite strong also in single target, and as fire she finished the 4x elemental buff for us.
  4. Yoshitsune. He is tied with Hippo for best single-target DPS in the game. Give him the right passives, and he will blast any single target out of the waters.

Passive Loadout

We need to boost our damage as much as possible. This means, shelter, fighting will, life link, assist and all the other meta-passives for PvP are utterly useless.

Maxmium output passives are as follow:

  • Hippo: DB + Burst + Anger
  • William: Weakness + Rage Blessing + War Blessing
  • Empress Wu: Annihilation + Concentration + Root
  • Yoshitsune: Adrenaline Rush + Duel Master + Combo

Testing with level 40 Immortals

The damage output is very solid! In fact, you do not need to max out or even prioritize leveling and boosting your Immortals to make a very efficient Boss-hunting team when you are flying the fire-dragon. I personally rely on my third team to kill level 15 bosses reliably.

These are some standard results from killing 15 gnome bosses “Giant Breakers” with tripple buff.

Published: 18-05-2022