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Earth-Khan and Earth-Bath in 2024 (patch 2.6.6.)

Earth Builds: The Resurgence of Khan and Bath earth builds – basically the resurgance of functional none-hybrid setups!

In the ever-evolving landscape of “Infinity Kingdom,” the tides of battle are perpetually shifting, bringing new strategies to the forefront. The introduction of hard-countering abilities like Weakening Curse has heralded a new era, particularly for earth builds.

Long overshadowed by the omnipresent hybrid setups, earth-focused strategies are poised for a comeback, thanks to their ability to bypass the crippling effects of Weakening Curse and leverage magical damage or reliable ultimate casting to overcome adversaries.

The Weakening Curse Effect

As detailed in our comprehensive guide to countering physical damage, Weakening Curse emerges as a silver bullet against hybrid teams, particularly those reliant on heavyweights like Alexander and Hannibal Barca. This Tower of Knowledge skill significantly diminishes the enemy’s damage output, exploiting the passive nature of certain immortals’ ultimates to render them virtually impotent on the battlefield.

Earth Builds: A Strategic Revival

The resurgence of earth builds can be directly attributed to their capability to counter the prevalent earth-wind hybrids. The key lies in selecting immortals who can either dispel Weakening Curse through their ultimate abilities or deal substantial magical damage, circumventing the need for physical attacks that are hampered by the curse. If you have access to both Weakening Curse and No Escape, traditional earth compositions become not only viable but formidable. Here are some revitalized earth-focused setups:

Earth Khan / Bath Build:

  • Alexander: Opt for a mix of Combo, Physical Shield or Berserker, Wind Rage and Cleave, Blade Vortex, or Toxin Barrier, depending on your tactical needs and the opposition’s composition.
  • Charles: Equip with Berserk Aura, No Escape, and Weakening Curse to lay the groundwork for silencing and debuffing enemy forces, setting the stage for your earth immortals to shine.
  • Zeno: A versatile choice, Zeno can be equipped with Energy Shield or Oaken Guard, and Blessing of Defense, supplemented with Purify and Spring of Life Aura or alternatives like Coercion or Malice for targeted defensive maneuvers.
  • Khan/Bath: Focus on Anger and Fighting Master or Adrenaline Rush, rounded out with Desire, Death Breath, or Sniper to maximize your offensive potential within the earth paradigm.

Strategy and Flexibility

The key to success with earth builds in the current meta is adaptability. While Weakening Curse and No Escape are non-negotiable for their foundational role in countering hybrids and securing advantages across various matchups, the rest of your strategy should be fluid.

  • Energy Shield is a priority for its defensive utility. In its absence, Oaken Guard and Blessing of Defense provide a solid defensive framework against physical and mixed damage types.
  • Coercion becomes crucial when facing issues with physical attack accuracy, ensuring your strikes land consistently.
  • Malice is your go-to when critical hits from the enemy are your primary concern.


The strategic renaissance of earth builds offers a compelling counter-narrative to the hybrid dominance, illustrating the cyclical nature of “Infinity Kingdom” strategies. With the right combination of skills and immortals, bolstered by the strategic use of Weakening Curse and No Escape, earth-focused armies can not only withstand the hybrid onslaught but also claim victory. As always, the effectiveness of these builds hinges on thoughtful composition, skill selection, and the ability to anticipate and counter the enemy’s strategy. Embrace the resurgence of earth builds and carve your path to dominance in the new era of “Infinity Kingdom.”

Published: 05-03-2024