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Fire Secondary March – Seon & Wu madness! (patch 2.3)

This guide is part of my article series on fire builds. If this build is not to your likeing, have a look at the rest of my builds on the lightning build page. I have multiple builds for any taste available, IB, PvE, arena/ToS builds and F2P/cheap builds.

This article is on offensive pure-fire using both Wu and Seon backline. This build revolves around dealing massive amounts of damage in record times. By relying on crit-buff stacking we are able to boost the output to crazy bursts.

Running fire as your secondary setup

Fire is amazing as a second or third march because you can build it with many different passives for great effect! The build can do amazing both by being filled with second tier grace skills and when setup with Death Breath, Anger and Annihilation tier S passives. Why? Because all Immortals and the dragon natively is capable of dealing a truck load of damage.

Ofcourse it does matter how you craft your setup, but what is so beautiful is that the fire setup does not make or break if you have to e.g. have to use Death Breath in your main march, you can swap it for Chaotic and still get the Seon procs you require. Because we do not rely on Death Breath itself but on its ability to activate Seon’s ultimate ability.

Furthermore, not many builds have blessings and graces as the first choice passives. Well, they are all amazing on Fire because they boost you and activate your dragon’s unique effect during those first critical seconds of the fight where your fire can burst down anything if you get the right procs and crits.

Understanding the build

If you have allready read my main guide on this fire build, you can skip ahead to the setup. If not, here is a recap of what this march is doing and how it works!

This is a free-to-play friendly setup, as three out of two/three Immortals are completly free-to-play to max!

Fire is a team that can be run in many different ways, I personally prefer to run fire as an offensive glass canon setup where the goal is to deal as much damage in bursts as quickly as possible. It works quite well especially against teams that rely on backline damage dealers and on slow ramp-ups. I use Fire to nuke wind and shadow setups in particular.

Be aware, that because we are building to deal crazy damage through critical hits, this build is subject to a lot of RNG. If you are unlucky on your critical hits, it will feel very underwhelming. But on the other hand, a few solid crits makes you feel like a god amongst men!

How does it work?

This setup is pretty standard and revolves around pumping big burst damage from Wu and Seon. William and Trajan provides insane crit buffs pumping your backline damage dealers to the max. If you have read my guide on Seon-Wu fire as main setup. You can skip this section, as the Immortals and concepts are the same. Skip ahead to the Setup to see how we can build this march as a secondary march.

William adds a solid 20% crit rate and Trajan adds another 10% on top as well as a whopping 30% additional Crit Damage.

Because we are scaling critial hit rate and critical hit damage, this setup scales extreemly well with combat buffs adding a solid 5% boost to your critical hit rate.

Furthermore, you want to get to VIP level 13 as quickly as possible to get the 9% Base Critical Value boon.

With William, Trajan, combat buffs and VIP boost you gain a solid 44% additional critical hit rate on top of the 30% Critical Hit Value from your dragon and 30% Crit Damage. Needless to say, we rely on critical hits and all in all, making for a very powerful setups for Wu and Seon to deal massive damage.

Hippolyta alternative to Trajan

Discussion: Many argue that Hippo is superior to Trajan in any fire setup. Whilst Hippolyta is certainly a strong Immortal, I do not agree with this view.

In my opinion, Trajan works excellent for any fire build. We rely on getting critical hits, which he supplies both critical rate and critical damage for. However, if you are unable to obtain Trajan, Hippolyta’s unique ability to consistenly secure small critical hits and thus activating Seon’s ultimate ability is also very powerful and you can easily run this build with her.

With Hippo’s ultimate ability, you add both controls the fight by reducing enemy energy regen whilst also securing a steady stream of procs for Seon.

Hippo hits 5 (7 with artifact) times with her ultimate, which means that the chances of getting a critical hit on one of these is very very high.

RNG is a big deal with fire

Running fire you will always be subject to some RNG. Trying to mitigate it through defenses, running Charles, shelter, Cyrus control builds, etc. is admirable yet ultimately futile. Fire is and has to be a glass canon of a build. It is what makes fire awesome and what makes it frustrating. If you are not getting the crits you need, you will loose. No matter the build, not matter the power. If you do get the crits, you will absolutely melt the face off of most any enemy.

ToK passive setup

Building a secondary march is always a tricky thing. Players use different main marches and different passive setups. This means the ToK passives you have avilable for your second and third team is very different. In this guide, I assume that you have most of the S-tier ToK Passives in your main. Meaning you will have to find replacements for Passives such as Annihilation, Death Breath, Fighting Master, Energy Suppression, Malice, etc.

But what if I don’t use one of these in my main? To avoid issues of recommending second-tier skills to players who has the best available. I have added the ideal setup and then tested other Passives as replacements. You will see one line with the best passives for each Immortal and then a second line with the passives that show the best results as alternatives to the ideal setup.

You want to run this passive loadout:

Best passives for Wu: Chase, Annihilation, Death Breath
Alternatives: Fire Nova, Toxic Nova, Concentration, Root

Best passives for Seon: Energy Burst, Fighting Master, Garrotte/Chaotic Blade
Alternatives: Adrenaline Rush, Anger, Absolute Defense

Best passives for Trajan: Weakness, Rage Blessing, Oaken Guard
Alternatives: Blessing of Defense, Blessing of War, Resist, Life-Link

Best passives for William: Fighting Will, Energy Suppression, Malice
Alternatives: Blessing of Defense, Blessing of War, Resist, Life-Link

Published: 20-10-2022