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New Earth-Shadow hybrid

Player Guide: Mastering the Earth-Shadow Hybrid Build in Infinity Kingdom

The Earth-Shadow hybrid build is emerging as a powerhouse in Infinity Kingdom’s current meta, especially with the strategic incorporation of immortals like Charles, Himiko, Bathory, and the newly revitalized Yi Sun-Shin. This guide delves into how this composition excels in high-tier play, leveraging a blend of defense, control, and devastating offensive capabilities.

Team Composition and Roles

1. Yi Sun-Shin – The Stalwart Defender

  • Role: Frontline tank
  • Skills:
    • Spring of Life Aura: Enhances healing received by all allies, boosting overall survivability.
    • Assist: Redirects damage from key backline immortals to himself, enhancing their longevity.
    • Weakening Curse: Applies debuffs to enemies, reducing their combat effectiveness.

Yi Sun-Shin’s role is to absorb and mitigate damage, protecting more vulnerable backline attackers while debuffing enemies to tilt skirmishes in your favor.

2. Charles – The Shield Bearer

  • Role: Frontline tank and shield provider
  • Skills:
    • No-Escape: Locks down enemies, preventing escape and enhancing crowd control.
    • Purification: Cleanses debuffs from allies, crucial for maintaining peak combat efficiency.
    • Energy Shield: Offers a significant defensive buff, shielding allies from incoming attacks.

Charles complements Yi Sun-Shin by providing robust shields and additional control, ensuring that frontline stability is maintained.

3. Himiko – The Controller

  • Role: Backline control and damage dealer
  • Skills:
    • Berserk: Increases attack speed, boosting her damage output significantly.
    • Oaken Guard: Provides damage reduction, protecting her from targeted attacks.
    • Fighting Master: Grants immunity to control effects, ensuring her abilities cast without interruption.

Himiko is essential for disrupting enemy formations by targeting and neutralizing high-value targets with her control abilities.

4. Bathory – The Damage Dealer

  • Role: Primary damage dealer
  • Skills:
    • Blade Vortex: Continuously damages multiple enemies, perfect for setting up big plays.
    • Executioner: Maximizes damage output, especially effective against weakened foes.
    • Battle Stance: Enhances energy regeneration, allowing for more frequent skill usage.

Bathory’s role is to deliver crushing blows to the enemy, exploiting the openings created by her teammates to decimate opposing forces.

How the Hybrid Build Works

This Earth-Shadow hybrid build excels through a combination of strong defensive lines and powerful backline damage capabilities.

Both Yi Sun-Shin and Charles fortify the front with shields and damage reduction.

All the while Himiko’s control abilities disrupt enemy strategies, allowing Bathory to capitalize on weakened opponents with her lethal skill combo of Blade Vortex and Executioner.

The strategic layering of skills ensures that while Yi Sun-Shin and Charles handle the brunt of the enemy assault, Himiko and Bathory can safely execute their roles without significant threat, leading to a well-rounded and formidable team capable of taking on diverse enemy setups.


The Earth-Shadow hybrid build stands out in the current meta not only for its robust defensive capabilities but also for its potential to unleash devastating attacks. By strategically deploying this build, players can effectively control the battlefield, mitigate incoming damage, and deliver powerful counterattacks that can overwhelm even the most prepared opponents. This setup is a testament to the strategic depth of Infinity Kingdom, where understanding and synergy between immortals’ roles and skills can lead to dominating victories.

Published: 07-05-2024