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New Season and Changes to the Open Arena 2.6.7

Open Arena Season Changes for a new season in patch 2.6.7 for Infinity Kingdom

The Open Arena in Infinity Kingdom introduces a fresh and dynamic challenge in its latest season, offering a creative twist to the conventional arena combat through seasonal immortal restrictions. This change addresses the repetitiveness of past seasons, where dominant lineups became the norm, and encourages players to dive into the depths of strategy and build-crafting. With key immortals like Emperor Qin, Trajan, Seondeok, Theodora, and Tutankhammon sidelined this season, players are compelled to explore new combinations and tactics.

Navigating the New Season

The Impact of Immortal Restrictions

The absence of heavyweights such as Theodora and Seondeok, renowned for their pivotal roles in many top-tier builds, alongside Trajan setups, drastically shifts the competitive landscape. This move by the developers to limit specific immortals each season rejuvenates the gameplay, pushing players to innovate and adapt rather than rely on previously established meta lineups.

Adapting to Changes

With the notable exclusions for this season, the door opens wide for lightning and fire builds, as observed on many servers, alongside mixes incorporating holy and shadow elements. This variation suggests a significant shift towards dynamic and possibly more aggressive strategies to secure victory in the Open Arena.

Strategy Crafting for the Current Season

Exploring Lightning and Fire Builds

Given the popularity and success of lightning and fire builds among top players, integrating these elements into your lineup could prove beneficial. The synergy between lightning’s speed and fire’s raw power offers a balanced yet formidable offense capable of breaking through defenses that might have previously relied on the now-restricted immortals.

Holy and Shadow Mixes

The blend of holy and shadow elements can provide a unique advantage, combining holy’s healing and buff capabilities with shadow’s debuff and control skills. This hybrid approach can create versatile teams capable of adapting to various threats, making them unpredictable and challenging for opponents to counter.

Building Without Key Immortals

Without the availability of previous season staples like Theodora and Seondeok:

  • Look towards immortals that can fill the void left by these powerhouses. For healing and support, consider alternatives that might not have been first choices but now can shine due to the absence of dominant figures.
  • Reevaluate the roles of each immortal in your lineup, focusing on creating synergy and balance. With the forced innovation this season, previously underutilized immortals might emerge as the new keystones of effective strategies.

Tips for Success

  1. Stay Flexible: Be prepared to adjust your lineup as the season progresses and new meta builds emerge. Observing the trends among top players can provide insights but don’t shy away from experimenting with unconventional combinations.
  2. Optimize Artifacts and Skills: With the shake-up in immortal availability, the right artifacts and skills become even more critical. Tailor these aspects to complement your new lineup’s strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Focus on Synergy: More than ever, the synergy between your chosen immortals, their skills, and artifacts will determine your success in the Open Arena. Look for combinations that enhance each other’s capabilities, creating a cohesive and effective fighting force.


The latest season of Open Arena brings a breath of fresh air to Infinity Kingdom’s PvP experience, challenging players to step outside their comfort zones and engage in genuine strategy and build-crafting. By embracing the new restrictions and exploring the potentials of lightning, fire, holy, and shadow builds, players have a unique opportunity to rise through the ranks based on skill and ingenuity. Embrace the challenge, experiment with your lineups, and may the best strategist claim victory in this season’s Open Arena.

Published: 15-03-2024