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Darius Lightning Build (2.6.3)

Unleashing the Thunder: Lightning Build Guide in Infinity Kingdom

Prepare to electrify the battlefield with a lightning-themed build in Infinity Kingdom. This guide will walk you through the intricacies of creating a potent lineup that revolves around Immortals Genghis Khan, Hammurabi, Darius, and Tokugawa/Bjorn.

With a focus on delivering quick wounds from Khan and enhancing the damage output of Darius and Hammurabi, this build is a versatile powerhouse that excels against Earth and hybrid builds.

It also holds its ground against Holy builds and serves as a strong all-around option for both mid-game and end-game content.

Build Composition

  1. Hammurabi (Damage Dealer): Equip Hammurabi with skills that amplify his damage potential. Consider using Spell Disintegration, Concentration, and Annihilation. This setup ensures he unleashes devastating area-of-effect damage.
  2. Genghis Khan (Wound Inflictor and Burst Damage): Khan’s role is to inflict wounds swiftly on the enemy while delivering a significant first-attack burst before his troop count decreases. Utilize skills like Fighting Master, Adrenaline Rush for fast wound infliction. You can also opt for the Assist skill if you have Guard for frontline support. Or you can boost his damage with Anger.
  3. Tokugawa/Bjorn (Support and Utility): Tokugawa or Bjorn serves as a versatile utility Immortal, adapting to your specific enemy composition. As a baseline, skills like Weakness, Defense Blessing, Oaken Guard, and Resist are potent choices. However, you can also incorporate newer defensive skills like Energy Shield, Weakening Curse, or Siren’s Gaze based on the meta in your server. The key is to mitigate the damage type dealt by your primary adversaries. If you have Guard, pairing it with Void Realm provides optimal protection for Darius, especially if Khan is running Assist.
  4. Darius (Damage Dealer): Focus on maximizing Darius’s damage output. Select skills such as Anger, Desire of Life, and Toxin Barrier. This combination empowers him to deliver substantial area-of-effect damage. If the need arises for more defense, consider replacing Desire of Life or Toxin Barrier with skills like Physical Shield, adjusting your build to counter the specific enemy you face.

Results and Strategies:
The results of this lightning-themed build are nothing short of remarkable. Darius shines as a damage dealer, while the combination of Fighting Master and Adrenaline Rush on Khan ensures immunity to control effects and rapid energy regeneration. This synergy leads to swift wound infliction on your enemies.

With a substantial troop count, both Hammurabi and Darius emerge as top-tier damage dealers in the game. However, it’s vital to address their vulnerability, as they can be relatively squishy and susceptible to enemy damage.

To enhance the longevity of Hammurabi and Darius on the battlefield, consider further support from Tokugawa or Bjorn, with an emphasis on defense and crowd control skills to deter enemy threats. This lightning build’s adaptability to counter the most prominent threats in your server’s meta, such as Earth and hybrid builds, ensures its effectiveness in various scenarios.

In summary, the lightning-themed build featuring Genghis Khan, Hammurabi, Darius, and Tokugawa/Bjorn is a powerhouse that combines rapid wound infliction, massive area-of-effect damage, and adaptability to counter diverse enemy compositions. Mastering this build will undoubtedly make you a formidable force in the Infinity Kingdom battlefield. Electrify your foes and emerge victorious!

Published: 26-10-2023