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Free Arena Season 1

As the first season of the Open Arena, also known as the Free Arena, in Infinity Kingdom comes to a close, it’s time to reflect on the dominating strategies, insights for the future, and the potential improvements for the game mode.

Dominating Strategies in Season One

  • Fire, Lightning, and Holy Combinations: These elements, along with the Chaos immortal Loki, have been particularly dominant. The combination of Loki in a holy setup appears to be a universal choice among top players.
  • Successful Setups: Fire setups with Seon and Cyrus have performed exceptionally well, showcasing their effectiveness in this game mode. Both fire teams in particular have proven effective against holy setups, but lightning also performs well – especially without Athena in the holy.
  • Suggested Strategy for Season Two: Continuing with these combinations, specifically Fire, Lightning, and Holy with Loki, seems advisable for those aiming for top-tier performance. However, experimenting with new strategies is always encouraged to keep the game dynamic and interesting. Maybe try and swap out lightning for something new? Earth has not performed well given the lack of unique artifacts but perhaps water could make for an excellent setup. I think I might just try that for the coming season.

Insights and Lessons Learned

  • Competitiveness and Alt Accounts: The mode’s competitive nature is somewhat overshadowed by players using alternate accounts to manipulate rankings. This issue has led to a less competitive environment than intended, turning the mode into a point-farming venue for some.
  • Skill Utilization and Surprises:
    • Unyielding on Seondeok: This Tower of Knowledge skill proved to be underrated, significantly boosting crit rates and resulting in high damage output.
  • Corrosive Power’s Efficacy: As anticipated, this skill has demonstrated its worth as a top-tier choice.
  • Hyper Defense in Holy-Loki Matchups: Defensive skills, including healing and defense on Loki, seemed to outperform the more typical energy regeneration builds in holy versus holy confrontations.
  • Dominance of No Escape and Blade Vortex: These skills have cemented their status as top skills in both the Open Arena and the broader game.
  • Importance of Dodge Against Physical Damage: The absence of accuracy boosts from dragon talents highlighted the effectiveness of dodge in countering physical attacks.

Potential Improvements

  • Addressing the issue of players using alternate accounts to manipulate rankings is crucial for maintaining the competitive integrity of the Open Arena. Modifications to the game mode that prevent or minimize this kind of exploitation would be beneficial for future seasons.


The first season of the Open Arena in Infinity Kingdom has provided valuable insights into effective strategies and the dynamics of this new game mode. While there are areas for improvement, particularly in ensuring a more competitive environment, the mode offers a platform for testing and refining various builds and strategies. As players gear up for the next season, the lessons learned from this inaugural season will undoubtedly shape their approaches and tactics

Published: 11-01-2024