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Hard Countering: Weakening Curse

Player Guide: Countering Weakening Curse in Infinity Kingdom with Purification

Weakening Curse is a formidable skill that has been effectively used in Infinity Kingdom to counter hybrid and other physical attack-based builds. This skill disarms all enemies, reducing their physical damage dealt by 70% for 45 seconds or until they cast an ultimate. This can be particularly crippling for hybrid builds that rely on unique artifacts on immortals like Alexander and Hannibal, as they rarely cast ultimates due to their artifact modifications. However, there is a strategic countermeasure that can neutralize this advantage: Purification.

Understanding Weakening Curse

Weakening Curse works by applying a disarm debuff to all enemy immortals, drastically reducing their physical damage output. For hybrids and physical-focused teams, this can essentially neutralize their offensive capabilities, making it a go-to choice in many strategic setups.

Countering with Purification

Mechanics of Purification

Purification isn’t just another skill; it’s a strategic tool that requires mastery to fully utilize its potential in the game. Here’s how it works:

  • Activation and Timing: Purification activates swiftly with a 3-second trigger, randomly targeting a team member.
  • Primary Function: Its main role is to clear any debuffs or abnormal effects from the targeted immortal. This includes the disarm effect imposed by Weakening Curse. If no debuffs are present, it also provides a minor healing effect.

As you can see in the above, the enemy hybrid is being disarmed for the entire duration of the fight which causes it to deal very little damage! By comparison, the below image is the same setup with Purification active on Zenobia.

Game Play Tips

  1. Skill Synergy: Combine Purification with other skills that enhance resilience or healing to keep your team robust while dealing with debuffs.
  2. Understand Your Opponent: Knowing when your opponent typically deploys Weakening Curse can help you better time your use of Purification, turning potentially devastating battles into manageable ones.


While Weakening Curse presents a significant challenge to physical attack-based builds in Infinity Kingdom, understanding and effectively using Purification can provide a strong countermeasure. By mastering the timing and deployment of this cleansing skill, you can protect your team from being disarmed and maintain your offensive pressure, even against the most strategic use of Weakening Curse. Equip your hybrid or physical-focused builds with Purification, and turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Published: 16-04-2024