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Water Immortals

Water is the go-to free to play element. This however, does not mean the element is far weaker than the others. Water is a well balanced element, performs decently in every aspect of Infinity Kingdom which is suitable to the free to play playstyle.

Water is the counter to fire. Players should bare this in mind when assembling your 3-4 team setup, since a lot of people will likely be running water as a main in any server.

  • Dragon heal provides nice sustain for PVE gnome farming.
  • Yoshitsune is tied with Hippolyta as the best single-target dps, great for boss-killing.
  • Merlin is performing as one of the absolute top DPS’s in the game for pvp content.
  • Attila has a solid toolkit for dealing with the more tricky pvp matchups, where his silence combined with solid physical damage is key to water victories.

TIP: If you are running as a F2P player, you want to build fire as your second march. The undisputed best build for killing high level bosses and getting top on Spider bi-weekly event is: Hippo, William, WU, Yoshi.

Highlighted Water Immortals

Attila the Hun

Ultimate skill: Wild Corrosion
Knocks up all enemy targets within the fan-shaped zone before you, inflict massive Physical Damage (230%) and has a 35% chance of reducing its Physical Defense by 15% and silencing them so that they cannot gain Energy or use Skills for 4s.

Damage rate – 69% / 92% / 115% / 138% / 161% / 184% / 207% / 230%
Silence Rate – 10.5% / 14% / 17.5% / 21% / 24.5% / 28% / 31.5% / 35%


Ultimate skill: Prophecy
Deals magical damage (damage rate 483.6%) to all enemies. If the target has been Chilled, this damage is increased by 50%.

Damage rate – 265.2% / 301.6% / 338% / 374.4% / 410.8% / 447.2% / 483.6% / 520%


Ultimate skill: Sky Feather
Shoot 3 arrows in a row, with each arrow inflicting physical damage (damage rate 410%) to a random enemy unit. If the target has less than 50% troops, this damage increases by 50%.

Damage rate – 123% / 164% / 205% / 246% / 287% / 328% / 369% / 410%