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Understanding Spender Water Builds

Advanced water spender builds

This article reflects on the logic behind building more advanced water marches. Water has a core problem: Yoshi is very weak. Water have some of the strongest Immortals to choose from: Merlin, Attila, Ragnar, Ramssess, Herald. All viable and strong, problem is that there is only really Merlin in the backline to deal damage. We can solve this problem in a number of ways:

Water with Dido-Merlin

We run a defensive water where we use Dido to protect and boost the damage output of Merlin. Best combined with Ramssess for defense and Attila for physical damage and control. This is a VERY strong build that will perform well in most all situations. I even seen earth mains being taken down with this.

If you are spending a little on the daily bundles, you accumulate a lot of pearls quite fast. Use these to unlock Dido! She is an awesome support Immortal for water and if you run her right your Merlin can nuke your enemies like there’s no tomorrow!

  1. Dido, Merlin, Attila, Ramesses.

Water with Bathony

There are three variations of this build:

  1. Bathony as support: This is an extremely powerful build. We run: Bathony, Merlin, Attila, Herald in order to maximize our debuffs and boost the damage of Bathony / Merlin to the absolute max. You should prioritize unique artifact on Attila as quickly as possible. This is my personal favorite setup and my recommendation to run in most situations.
  2. Merlin as support: We rely on his strong base damage to get some hits in as we support Bathony with assist. By securing a Bathony on the highest possible troop count, she can kill the entire enemy team by herself!
  3. We run both Merlin and Bathony nukers. Here we use all the strongest magic passives to boost Merlin while leaving Bathony with only absolute defense to protect her troop count.

These variations all work very well. Ultimately, it is up to the composition of your secondary march which to run. I personally love fire teams because the damage they are able to dish out in seconds is unrivaled by anything else. Also, fire scales very well off of blessings (of which there are many to spare for a secondary march). Therefore, I recommend doing a defensive Merlin (option 3) and a double mage fire as your secondary team and using all the magic passives here.

Finally, we have a specialist water setup to counter the big whales you undoubtably are meeting in SvS and back when there was still IB’s to play… If you want to have a chance versus big holy marches, you need to rally and you need to have Khan. Breaking a holy requires a Khan march up front in a rally. Holy relies on securing a high troopcount throughout the fight, if you are able to take them down to 60-70% HP then anyone can finish the job. By making a dent in the troop count of a holy march right from the beginning, it will die even fighting a more standard main march water/earth/fire/wind/lightning/shadow.

  • Anti-holy rally team. If you want to compete at the highest levels of Infinity Kingdom, you are going to be struggling to fight off holy marches with your water (or any other element for that matter). Fear not! Whilst you might not be able to straight-up win 1-on-1 versus a holy march with 40k more power than your water, this setup will make a hell of a dent and is PERFECT as the first march in a rally.
    You will run: Merlin, Khan, Attila, Ragnar or Merlin, Khan Attila, Herald (run Ragnar if you have his unique artifact with the same ToK skills as Herald).

Published: 16-06-2022