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Fu Fei buff turns her into a hard counter for Himiko control

Player Guide: Adapting to Fu Fei’s Balance Change in Infinity Kingdom

Fu Fei, a renowned chaos immortal in Infinity Kingdom, known for her potent healing abilities and control immunity, has recently become even more formidable following a balance update to her ultimate ability. This change significantly enhances her strategic value, particularly in countering control-based strategies that have previously served as viable methods to challenge chaos immortal setups, notably those involving Himiko.

Understanding Fu Fei’s Enhanced Ultimate Ability

Before the Update

Fu Fei has been absolute top ranked for healing done since her release but that is not all there is to her!

Previously, while Fu Fei provided a broad spectrum of control immunity, her protections did not extend to the unique control effects of Himiko’s ultimate ability. This allowed for strategic counterplay against chaos immortal setups, leveraging Himiko’s control capabilities.

After the Balance Change

The recent update has augmented Fu Fei’s ultimate ability, enabling it to grant immunity even against Himiko’s controls. This development closes a critical loophole, significantly reducing the effectiveness of previously viable counter-chaos strategies.

Strategic Implications

The enhancement of Fu Fei’s ultimate ability has considerable implications for players across the board, particularly affecting the strategic landscape in PvP battles:

  • Strengthened Chaos Setups: Fu Fei’s enhanced ability solidifies the dominance of chaos immortals by providing a comprehensive defense against one of the few weaknesses chaos setups had.
  • Reduced Counterplay Options: The update narrows the strategic options available to players aiming to counter top-tier, Pay to Play chaos immortal lineups, challenging the community to innovate new strategies.

Looking Forward: Strategies Against Enhanced Chaos Immortals

With direct control counterplay options dwindling, players must explore alternative strategies to compete against the enhanced capabilities of chaos immortals like Fu Fei:

  • Focus on Damage Mitigation and Sustain: Since direct control counterplay has been diminished, building lineups that prioritize damage mitigation and sustain can help withstand the onslaught from chaos immortals.
  • Leverage Speed and Debuffs: Speed manipulation and debuff strategies (outside of control effects) may offer a new avenue to challenge chaos setups, focusing on outpacing and weakening opponents before they can leverage their full potential.
  • Innovative Immortal Synergies: Exploring less conventional immortal combinations and synergies that can exploit subtle vulnerabilities in chaos setups might emerge as a viable strategy.

Community’s Role in Evolving Strategies

The balance change to Fu Fei’s ultimate ability presents a new challenge for the Infinity Kingdom community. It encourages players to engage in deeper strategic thinking and theorycrafting to devise methods to compete against the strengthened chaos immortal lineups. This evolving dynamic underscores the game’s complexity and the continuous interplay between different strategies, urging players to adapt and innovate.


Fu Fei’s recent enhancement marks a significant shift in the strategic balance of Infinity Kingdom, particularly affecting the dynamics of PvP combat. While this change bolsters the power of chaos immortals, it also serves as a catalyst for strategic innovation among players. As the community navigates this new landscape, the effectiveness of emerging counter-strategies will undoubtedly shape the future of competition in Infinity Kingdom, highlighting the ever-evolving nature of its strategic depth.

Published: 27-03-2024