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Hard Countering: Lightning Builds

Player Guide: Countering Lightning Builds in Infinity Kingdom with Purification

Lightning builds in Infinity Kingdom are notorious for their reliance on debuffs to amplify damage and trigger powerful effects, making them formidable in battle. These builds often utilize a combination of negative effects like wounds, stuns, and damage modifiers to activate dragon bonuses and maximize the output of immortals like Hammurabi. However, their strength can also be their vulnerability. By effectively disrupting their debuff application, you can significantly weaken the impact of lightning builds. This guide will explore how to use the skill Purification to counter lightning strategies effectively.

The Role of Debuffs in Lightning Builds

Lightning builds excel by applying various debuffs to gain significant advantages:

  • Debuff Application: Key to their strategy, debuffs activate specific immortal abilities and enhance dragon effects, crucial for scaling their damage.
  • Immortal Synergy: Lightning immortals are often tailored to maximize the impact of these debuffs, with many of their abilities either applying or capitalizing on these effects to inflict massive damage.

Dragon Synergy: Lightning dragon furthermore add to the power of debuffs in lightning with the added damage effects

Countering with Purification

Understanding Purification

Purification isn’t just another skill; it’s a strategic asset that requires mastery to optimize its potential. Here’s how it functions:

  • Activation and Timing: Purification triggers swiftly with a 3-second cooldown and targets a random team member.
  • Primary Function: Its main role is to clear any debuffs or abnormal effects from the targeted immortal. In the absence of debuffs, it provides a minor healing effect.

Strategic Implementation

To counter lightning builds using Purification, consider the following tactics:

  • Team Composition: Incorporate immortals that can benefit from or support the use of Purification. This may include immortals with passive abilities that enhance resistance to debuffs or others that can provide additional cleansing or support.
  • Monitor Debuff Application: Keep a close watch on the types and timings of debuffs applied by the enemy. Understanding when and how your opponent likes to deploy their debuffs can help you anticipate and counter their moves more effectively.

Additional Tips

  • Multiple Cleansers: Considering the randomness of Purification’s targeting, having multiple sources of debuff cleansing on your team can ensure more consistent removal of debuffs.
  • Skill Synergy: Pair Purification with other skills that either prevent debuff application or mitigate its effects, such as shields or immunity-granting abilities.
  • Adapt and React: Be flexible and ready to adapt your strategy based on how the battle progresses. The effectiveness of your countermeasures might require adjustments mid-fight depending on your opponent’s tactics.


By mastering the use of Purification and integrating it strategically into your battle plans, you can effectively neutralize the core mechanics of lightning builds in Infinity Kingdom. This approach not only disrupts your opponent’s strategy but also enhances your ability to control the battlefield, turning the tide in your favor against one of the most debuff-reliant setups in the game. As always, success will depend on your ability to adapt and fine-tune your strategies to the evolving meta and specific challenges posed by your opponents.

Published: 16-04-2024