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Dual-Tank Earth (2.6.9)

Player Guide: Innovative Earth Build with Dual Tanks and Elizabeth Bathory

In the ever-evolving meta of Infinity Kingdom, experimenting with different immortal combinations can yield surprisingly powerful results. One such innovative setup replaces the typical powerhouse Alexander with a dual tank frontline, spotlighting Charles and Yi Sun-Shin, and positions Elizabeth Bathory as a key damage dealer. This guide will explore the nuances of this build, suitable for various levels of spending.

Core Strategy

The essence of this build lies in its robust defense coupled with devastating damage potential from the backline. Charles and Yi Sun-Shin serve as the immovable objects up front, mitigating incoming damage and controlling the pace of the battle, while Elizabeth Bathory, equipped with Blade Vortex and Executioner, unleashes significant damage.

Immortal Roles and Skill Sets

Charles (Tank):

  • Skills: Energy Shield, Guard, Fighting Master
    • Energy Shield and Guard enhance his tanking capabilities by boosting defense and mitigating damage.
    • Fighting Master provides control immunity, ensuring his protective abilities remain uninterrupted.

Yi Sun-Shin (Tank):

  • Skills: Weakening Curse, Berserk Aura, and either Assist or Purify
    • Weakening Curse debuffs enemies, reducing their effectiveness in combat.
    • Berserk Aura enhances the attack potential of allies.
    • Choose Assist to redirect damage from key allies to Yi Sun-Shin, or Purify to cleanse detrimental effects, tailored to your battlefield needs.

Elizabeth Bathory (Key Damage Dealer):

  • Skills: Blade Vortex, Executioner, Battle Stance
  • This skill combination maximizes her damage output, particularly effective with her damage-over-time ultimate.

Zenobia (Healer and Control – Default Low Spender Option):

  • Skills: No Escape, Spring of Life, Vitality Touch
    • Provides healing, crowd control, and enhances survivability, making her invaluable for sustained fights.