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Alex-Khubilai boss killer build (patch 2.4)

Today I have a very special guide for you guys, this is going to be a boss-build special and one that I am very hyped about myself. Killing bosses in one swift blow not needing the AP-expensive 3x attack perk loaded is incredibly important to the growth rate of any player throughout the entire Infinity Kingdom journey.

From beginner to the biggest of end-game whales are all limited by AP. Moreover, if you want to compete in the Titantula Spider Event on wednesdays and sundays you are going to need a top tier boss killer build that gets you comfortably into the top 10 consistently and gives you a solid window to win the killing blow.

I have published a fair bit of guides on making boss-killer builds with different elements, but never before have I seen a march as powerful as the one we are going to have a look at here today!

What does “best” mean?

For bosses and spider you need one thing: Damage and tons of it! Now you may be thinking – well what about my troop losses? And yes, that’s well and good to take less damage fighting a boss, but how do you do that? You kill it fast.

For Titantula Spider you want to focus on two things: (1) Maximizing your damage to rank top 10 in as many spider kills as possible during the day. (2) getting the killing blow. And the best way to achieve that is more damage per strike. We need raw damage!

So the question is, how do we make the biggest and badest spider march on the playgound? We need high damage output Immortals, a damage boosting dragon (never run e.g. earth dragon!!) and we want our damage types from both Immortals and passives to have the highest possible single-target damage output (very different from gnomes or PvP).

Genious boss-killer

This is where things gets interesting. I would like to present you all to a boss-killer build made by the player “Heavystyle” from NFG in server 121. Heavystyle has made the single best boss-killing build I have ever seen and has been kind enough to share it with me and with you in the Infinity Kingdom Community! All credit for this build goes to him, he did an amazing job with it and it works insanely well. I have been looking over reports and testing this build out myself. I am absolutely amazed so as the last thing before going into details with our build here I want to thank Heavystyle for wanting to share this with us all.

The build setup

This build involves a number of different Immortals and no elemental synergies what so ever. As I outlined in the beginning we need raw damage and we need as much single-target damage as possible. The elemental synergy buffs are nice but they are by no means a match for stacking raw single-target damage. As such we are running Yoshi, Qin, Alex and Khubilai Khan.

This setup is masterfully skilled at dealing tons of single-target damage from Yoshi, Alexander and Khubilai Khan while maintaing high attack speed (Qin) and an insane physical damage debuff from Khubilai.

  1. Yoshitsune. Is extreemely easy to obtain and very very powerful in single target combat since his skill will hit for full damage on a single target instead of spreading it across multiple enemies.
  2. Khubilai Khan. The same concept applies to Khubilai Khan. He deals multiple damage instances which all hit a single target when there is only one to hit! Therefore, he is a very strong Immortal for pure damage. In addition, he has a unique stacking physical damage debuff on the enemy which pumps up the damage of this setup to absurd amounts!
  3. Emperor Qin. This may seem like an odd choice, he deals no noteworthy damage what so ever, but what he can do is buff attack speed like no others. This means our other Immortals gain a huge buff to the attack speed and thus damage output.
  4. Alexander. King of single-target damage, Alexander will deal rediculous amounts of damage with the buffs and debuffs of this setup. He is unmatches by any other Immortal in Infinity Kingdom when used in this setup. Moreover, you should note that this is even WITHOUT the Tower of Knowledge skill Wind Rage! If you do have Wind Rage available he is unstopable and borderline OP in his ability to kill bosses.

Passive Loadout

We need to boost our damage as much as possible. This means, shelter, fighting will, life link, assist and all the other meta-passives for PvP are utterly useless. Instead, we are running all the damage and single-target passives we can muster.

So the idea for this build is to get as much dmg as you can in 48seconds. That’s how long a spider fight typically lasts, after that most immortals get annihilated.

Emperor Qin

Qin has sacrifice to boost dmg on any of the 3 dmg dealers since he is support. War blessing and speed blessing further that point with the dmg and speed boosts. The important point for him is to have as close to 100% uptime on his attack speed buff as possible from his ultimate. The artifact we have for him boosts energy regen, the primary reason for using this artifact over others.

Alexander the Great

Alex is the main dmg dealer so he has duel master to boost his normal attack damage. Combo is great for Alex because of the single target focus on the ability and his insane attack speed. Weakness is there to make most hits crits to optimize damage output in the alotted time window while also boosting Yoshi’s energy regen through energy burst. His artifact is huge for this build especially if you can proc rapid for attack speed and have physical attack as it’s main stats.


Yoshi has berserk to speed up auto attacks which synergizes well with Alex and kublai while boosting energy regen for Yoshi with his next skill. Energy burst is on him for more ultimate casts since that’s his primary source of damage. Anger is there to just beef up his hits. Having his artifact helps add more damage padding with the 4th shot.

Khubilai Khan

Kublai has adrenaline rush to get more ultimates off to boost both his and the other immortals dmg due to the physical defense debuff it stacks. Life link is the key to the next level of damage for spider specifically. The damage redirection with how strong the spider hits gives you insane damage output potential. When you add absolute defense to the mix you get a multiplier for the life link damage potential.

This combo Life Link + Absolute Defense is how you can drag a fight to its max duration (RNG permitting). The damage you block gets redirected to the spider and keeps you alive longer to get more Life Link procs. His artifact is geared for energy regen and attack damage.

Be aware that you MUST place Khubilai Khan on the front left in order to have him tank bosses.

Dragon – the last key to the puzzle

The dragon is the final piece to the puzzle. It needs to be into the talent tree to benefit the most. The skills you choose for it that are important are the ones that give the dragons breath the ability to boost immortal dmg by X% for 12seconds after the breath. That will scale the further into the dragon tree you go.

This build will work without a maxed lightning dragon but that boost helps get to the insane damage levels. Fire dragon or Shadow dragon can be used as substitutes for perfectly fine effect, however we do not have much data for those dragons in this specific build at the time of writing, but you can rest assured that they will both perform quite well as replacements.

Performance: (1) Spider

You get higher damage if you attack once spider is below 50% HP. When I’ve hit spider above 50% I tend to get into mid to high 2% range aka 2.5-2.9% whereas hitting a spider below 50% enables hits well beyond 3-3.5%

Performance: (2) All Bosses

Life-Link and Absolute Defense can be replaced when you are fighting bosses, however, there is not much point in making the effort to do so, simply because this crazy build will kill any boss level 15 with ease!

Published: 02-03-2023