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Hard Countering Toxin Barrier

Player Guide: Hardcountering “Toxin Barrier” with “Purification” in Infinity Kingdom

“Toxin Barrier” has emerged as a formidable skill in Infinity Kingdom, particularly effective against high attack speed builds and hybrid setups. By reflecting damage back to the attacker and offering protection against incoming physical damage, “Toxin Barrier” poses a significant challenge to front-line physical damage dealers like Alexander and Hannibal. However, there’s a strategic counter that can neutralize its advantages: “Purification.”

Understanding “Toxin Barrier”

“Toxin Barrier” thrives in battles against opponents that deliver rapid, successive physical attacks. Its ability to reflect damage makes it particularly daunting for immortals that excel in dishing out high-frequency physical damage, turning their strength into a liability.

The Strategic Counter: “Purification”

Mechanics of “Purification”

“Purification” stands out not merely as a skill but as a crucial strategic tool within the diverse mechanics of Infinity Kingdom. It operates on a nuanced level, offering both dispelling capabilities against debuffs and providing healing when no debuffs are present.

  • Activation and Targeting: “Purification” is designed to act swiftly, with a 3-second trigger, randomly targeting an ally. Its core function is to eliminate any debuffs or abnormal status effects afflicting the targeted immortal. In the absence of such effects, it grants a modest healing bonus.

Countering “Toxin Barrier”

Given that “Toxin Barrier” essentially functions as a debuff by reflecting damage and reducing incoming physical damage, “Purification” directly counters it by dispelling the debuff. This action liberates your high-impact damage dealers, allowing them to unleash their full offensive potential without suffering the repercussions of “Toxin Barrier’s” reflective damage.

Purifications ability to remove debuffs applies to the Toxin debuff being applied by Toxin Barrier, and as such you can simply have the stacks removed before they build up and are able to trigger the damage effects. Very very powerful!

The above is the same setup as the earlier report. My Khubilaikhan has Toxin Barrier on, but it dosen’t activate because it is being despelled by the enemy with Purification.

Implementing “Purification” in Hybrid Setups

For those employing hybrid setups and encountering resistance from enemies wielding “Toxin Barrier,” integrating “Purification” offers a tactical advantage. It not only neutralizes the “Toxin Barrier” effect but also enhances the sustainability of your immortals by clearing other potential debuffs and providing healing.

  • Strategic Skill Synergy: Aligning “Purification” with your lineup ensures that your primary damage sources can operate unhindered, effectively bypassing the defensive mechanisms of “Toxin Barrier.”
  • Choosing the Right Immortals: Pair “Purification” with immortals who can benefit from both the debuff clearing and the healing aspects. This dual utility maximizes the skill’s effectiveness within your strategic framework.


While “Toxin Barrier” presents a significant challenge to physical damage-centric teams, the strategic application of “Purification” offers a viable solution. By understanding and leveraging the dispel mechanics of “Purification,” players can effectively counter “Toxin Barrier,” ensuring their frontline attackers remain efficient and lethal. This approach not only mitigates the defensive advantages of “Toxin Barrier” but also underscores the importance of strategic skill selection and synergy in overcoming complex battlefield challenges in Infinity Kingdom.

Published: 09-04-2024