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Open Arena Season 5 Complete Build Setup

Player Guide: Dominating Season 5 of Open Arena in Infinity Kingdom

Season 5 of the Open Arena in Infinity Kingdom brings an exciting opportunity for players to compete on a level playing field. With access to the same immortals, skills, and power levels, success hinges on your ability to craft effective builds and strategically outmaneuver your opponents. This guide delves into my personal builds that have proven successful in the top tiers of my battle group.

Build Overview

In Open Arena, crafting your team with synergistic skills and strategic depth is crucial. Here are the three lineups I utilize, each tailored to harness the strengths of specific elemental affinities—Shadow, Fire, and Water.

1. Shadow Team

  • Bjorn: Equipped with Coercion, No Escape, and Guard. This setup maximizes Bjorn’s control capabilities, making him a formidable front-liner who can disrupt enemy strategies.
  • Tutankhamun: Utilizes Demonic Contract, Anger, and Blade Vortex. This combination enhances Tutankhamun’s damage output significantly, capitalizing on Blade Vortex’s high DPS for devastating attacks.
  • Tomyris: Armed with Misleading, Assist, and Energy Shield. Tomyris excels in manipulating battlefield dynamics, offering both offensive and defensive support.
  • Fu Fei: Features Spring of Life, Vitality Touch, and Fighting Master. Fu Fei acts as a robust support, enhancing team survivability and countering control effects.

2. Fire Team

  • Trajan: Wields Weakness, Rage Blessing, and Oaken Guard. Trajan’s role is to debilitate opponents while bolstering the team’s defense.
  • Hippolyta (Hippo): Equipped with Full Coverage, Energy Burst, and Energy Suppression. Hippo is pivotal in maximizing damage spread and energy manipulation.
  • Wu: Uses Spell Disintegration, Chase, and Death Breath. This setup allows Wu to break through magical defenses and deliver consistent damage.
  • Seondeok (Seon): Runs Unyielding, Implosion, and Corrosive Power. Seon is the primary damage dealer, with skills geared toward maximizing area-of-effect (AoE) damage.

3. Water Team

  • Attila: Utilizes Fighting Will, Adrenaline Rush, and Wind Rage. Attila’s skill set is designed to enhance his control capabilities rapidly.
  • Ragnar: Equipped with Malice, Resist, and Siren’s Gaze. Ragnar serves as a disruptor, capable of controling enemies while providing support and resisting incoming damage.
  • Merlin: Features Heavy Lifter, Annihilation, and Concentration. Merlin boosts the team’s magical attacks, focusing on high damage output and efficiency.
  • Dido: Armed with Jade Barrier, Purification, and Shelter. Dido provides critical defensive support, shielding allies and cleansing debuffs.

Strategic Insights

Each team is designed to leverage specific elemental advantages while maintaining balance across offense and defense. Here are some strategies to keep in mind:

  • Shadow Team: Focuses on control and disruption, ideal for countering teams that rely heavily on specific immortals or skills.
  • Fire Team: Aims at high damage output and sustainability, excelling in prolonged engagements.
  • Water Team: Balances between offensive burst and defensive resilience, making it versatile against a variety of setups.


Success in Season 3 of the Open Arena hinges on not just selecting powerful immortals and skills but also understanding and anticipating opponent strategies. The builds provided here offer a blend of offense, defense, and utility, allowing for adaptability and strategic depth in each match. Remember, while RNG does play a role, consistent strategy and skill synergy often tilt the odds in your favor. Happy battling, and may your strategic choices lead you to victory in the arena!

Published: 30-04-2024