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Earth Himiko in 2.6.8

Mastering the Earth-Himiko Build in Infinity Kingdom

With the latest patch changes in Infinity Kingdom, selling skill stones for Cinders has opened new avenues for players to enhance their Earth-Himiko builds. This guide explores the potent Earth build centered around Himiko, leveraging the newly accessible skills like No Escape, Executioner, and Blade Vortex to create a setup that outperforms most, including the earth-wind hybrid, and stands strong against all but the mightiest chaos whales.

The Strength of Earth

Earth’s appeal lies in its robust damage mitigation and high control capabilities, courtesy of the Earth Dragon. This control is particularly synergistic with Himiko’s mechanics, disrupting enemy skill casts and providing strategic stuns throughout combat.

Core Immortals for the Build

  • Charles: Acts as the tank, offering shielding and sustain. Charles has remained a top defensive choice for years.
  • Alexander: Serves as the primary damage dealer, excelling in eliminating opponents.
  • Himiko: While also a significant damage dealer, her main strength lies in her unique control effects, capable of neutralizing enemy backliners.
  • Zenobia: Functions as the healer, ensuring troop sustain alongside Charles’ shields.

Crafting Your Build


Opt for No Escape, Energy Shield, and Guard. Consider Weakening Curse for enemies not using Purify, Fighting Master for high-control situations, or Adrenaline Rush against low-control enemies.


Requires Blade Vortex and Executioner for unparalleled damage output. Duel Master is recommended for its wounds immunity, essential against immortals like Qin in hybrid setups. Combo can be an alternative for added single-target damage pressure.


A blend of damage and consistency is key. Skills like Annihilation, Concentration, and Corrosive enhance her damage potential. Against Loki setups, replace one of Charles’ skills with Fighting Master on Himiko. Berserk Aura and Battle Stance can also be valuable additions for attack speed and energy regeneration.


Focus on sustain and utility with Purify to counter enemy debuffs, Spring of Life to boost healing, and Energy Shield or No Escape for added defense.

Personal Recommendations

  • Alexander: Blade Vortex, Executioner, Duel Master
  • Charles: Guard, No Escape, Weakening Curse/Adrenaline Rush (adjust based on enemy Purify usage)
  • Zenobia: Spring of Life, Purify, Energy Shield


The Earth-Himiko build presents a formidable strategy for those seeking to leverage earth’s defensive strengths along with Himiko’s control capabilities. The key to success lies in adapting the build to counter specific enemy setups and continuously refining your strategy based on skill availability and the meta of your server and conquest group. Be prepared to make minor adjustments and experiment to find what works best in your specific context.

Published: 12-04-2024