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Fire Khan patch 2.6.2

The Ultimate Fire Setup: A Guide for Secondary or Third March

In the world of strategy games, having a versatile lineup is crucial for success, especially when it comes to rallies against formidable opponents. This guide focuses on a fire-based setup that prioritizes high critical hit chance, rapid energy regeneration, and fast burst damage. Centered around Genghis Khan for his complementary AOE burst damage and wounds debuff, this build aims to soften up powerful enemies in rallies, making it an excellent secondary or third march.

Genghis Khan takes the spotlight in this setup for his ability to inflict wounds, preventing enemy sustain teams from easily healing during battles. Joining a rally becomes a strategic advantage as this fire setup excels at weakening potent adversaries, ensuring they enter subsequent clashes with reduced troop count, even if victorious.

Strategy Overview

The primary strategy is to maximize damage output before losing too many troops. While not ideal for sustaining battles against main marches, this setup excels at dealing substantial damage before succumbing to more robust opponents.

Unit Composition:

The chosen immortals for this setup include William, Hippolytta, Empress Wu, and Genghis Khan. The focus is on achieving fast damage outputs with high energy regeneration, utilizing blessings and grace skills to gain powerful buffs at the beginning of battles. The fire dragon’s increased damage buff is exploited to its maximum potential, making this setup more potent than other elemental configurations.

William’s Role:
William plays a crucial support role, earning the moniker of ‘buff-vending-machine.’ His skills, Blessing of War, Fighting Will, and Weakness, enhance damage output at different stages of battle, making him an integral part of the setup.

Hippolytta’s Utility:
Hippolytta is built for utility, capitalizing on her ultimate ability to reduce enemy energy and attack speed while dealing substantial damage. Energy Burst is prioritized for consistent energy regeneration, and defensive skills like Resist or Oaken Guard are chosen based on the opponent’s damage type. Blessing of Rage further boosts the energy regeneration of three out of the four immortals at the start of the fight.

Empress Wu’s Build:
Empress Wu utilizes Annihilation as a default skill, with the option to switch skills based on available alternatives and critical hit rates in tests. Spell Disintegration is preferred if available, with Nova or Stormeye as alternatives. Concentration is chosen for a flat boost to damage, though Chase can be considered with high crit rates.

Genghis Khan’s Burst Damage:
Genghis Khan is tailored for quick burst damage and the application of wounds. Adrenaline Rush is essential for a swift ultimate cast, and skills like Full Coverage or Anger are chosen based on player preference. Energy suppression may be favored against setups relying on energy regeneration, while Fighting Master is optimal against control-heavy teams.

Dragon Choice:
Prairie Fire is recommended for its added breath damage, providing critical boosts for more than just Empress Wu. Although Wu’s damage may be slightly lower, the overall benefits make Prairie Fire the preferred choice. Players may consider moving into Calamity and using Assist on Khan if maining this setup.


This fire-based build proves to be highly effective, particularly in softening up powerful opponents in rallies. When strategically deployed, this setup allows players to take on main marches with significantly higher power, making it a valuable asset in any lineup.

For those seeking a fire main march, alternative guides for Seon-Trajan or Cyrus are available – read more here. Experiment with this setup and share your results for a deeper understanding of its potential.

Published: 05-12-2023