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F2P Fire Main or Spender Second (2.6.9)

Player Guide: Dominant Free-to-Play Fire Build in Infinity Kingdom

Introduction to the Fire Build: For free-to-play players or those looking to diversify their strategies, crafting a competitive Fire team setup can be a daunting task. However, the build I’ve discovered harnesses the power of freely available skills and immortals to create a surprisingly strong fire team. It’s perfect for those looking for an effective secondary setup or a primary fire setup that can hold its own against spendier builds.

The Fire Team Composition: This fire build utilizes the following immortals, each playing a unique and crucial role:

  • William
  • Hippolyta
  • Cleopatra
  • Empress Wu

Dragon and Specialization: The team is backed by the Fire Dragon with the Prairie Fire specialization, enhancing its breath damage and synergizing well with the overall damage output of the team.

Immortal Roles and Skill Setups:

William (Frontline Support)

  • Rage Blessing: Boosts energy regeneration, crucial for quick ultimate ability usage.
  • Energy Suppression: Limits enemy energy regeneration, disrupting their ability to use ultimates effectively.
  • Malice: Reduces the enemy’s critical hit chances, offering a buffer against high-damage spikes.

    Hippolyta (Sustain and Defense)

    • Shelter: Provides unexpected sustain, healing millions and significantly bolstering durability.
    • Life Link: Reflects incoming damage back to the attacker, adding a layer of retribution.
    • Physical Shield: Protects troop count, essential for withstanding heavy hitters like Alexander.

    Cleopatra (Damage Reduction and Support)

    • Weakness Aura: Increases the team’s critical hit capabilities, complementing William’s buffs.
    • Blessing of Defense: Further enhances the team’s defensive capabilities.
    • Poison Thorn: Useful for reducing enemy troop counts and damaging key physical attackers.

    Empress Wu (Main Damage Dealer)

    • Chase: Ensures sustained damage output through repeated hits.
    • Death Breath and Spell Disintegration: Both skills provide numerous damage instances, boosting Chase’s trigger consistency and wreaking havoc on enemy lines.

      Strategic Considerations: This fire setup excels in defensive strategies while still packing a punch with Empress Wu’s damage capabilities. It’s particularly effective against popular setups like Alexander + Himiko, providing a robust defense through Hippolyta and Cleopatra’s abilities while slowly chipping away at the enemy with strategic hits from Wu and support from William. It functions exceptionally well as a main for free to plays or as a secondary to a mid-spender focusing on e.g. dual tank shadow hybrid or plain himiko earth, etc.

      Conclusion: While this build may not topple the top-tier spender formations, it offers remarkable resilience and damage potential within the constraints of free-to-play resources. It’s an excellent choice for players navigating an earth-dominant meta, seeking a fire team that can consistently perform well in various battle scenarios. Give this build a try, tweak it to fit your style, and watch as it holds its ground impressively in the fiery confrontations of Infinity Kingdom.

      Published: 11-06-2024