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Hard Countering Hybrid and other Physical Damage builds

The Ultimate Guide to Countering Hybrid builds and Physical Damage in Infinity Kingdom

In the dynamic battlefield of Infinity Kingdom, mastering the art of countering can be the key to your triumph. Today, we’re delving into a comprehensive strategy to neutralize physical damage dealers, especially formidable immortals like Alexander and Hannibal Barca, using the potent Tower of Knowledge skill: Weakening Curse. This guide is your secret weapon against the onslaught of physical damage, holy, and hybrid builds dominating the arena.

Understanding Weakening Curse: A Game Changer

Weakening Curse is not just another skill; it’s a tactical nuclear option for players seeking to disrupt the enemy’s offensive capabilities significantly. Available exclusively through Triss, this Pay-to-Play skill embodies the definition of a game-changer in player matchups.

What It Does: After the battle commences, Weakening Curse disarms the entire enemy team, slashing the damage they deal by a staggering 70% until they cast an ultimate skill. This effect can last up to 45 seconds, a near eternity in the fast-paced clashes of Infinity Kingdom.

Why It’s Considered Overpowered: The sheer impact of Weakening Curse on Alexander and Hannibal Barca is monumental. Their Unique Artifacts (UA) transform their ultimate abilities into passives, rendering them incapable of casting ultimates. Consequently, they suffer a 70% damage reduction for the full duration of 45 seconds, essentially neutralizing their threat. This strategic advantage renders Weakening Curse the ultimate countermeasure, particularly against hybrids, leaving them floundering.

Crafting a Counter-Strategy

To effectively leverage Weakening Curse, understanding its synergy with other skills is crucial. Here’s a step-by-step strategy to maximize its potential:

  1. Initiate with No Escape: Start the battle by silencing your opponents for the initial 6 seconds with No Escape. This ensures that enemy immortals cannot generate energy to cast their skills, setting the stage for Weakening Curse.
  2. Apply Energy Suppression: Following the silence, Energy Suppression plays a pivotal role by further inhibiting energy regeneration. This extended energy drought means that opponents struggle even more to cast their ultimate skills, perpetuating their weakened state under Weakening Curse.
  3. Strategic Implementation: The timing and sequence of these skills are critical. The initial silence from No Escape, followed by Energy Suppression, creates a window where Weakening Curse can drastically reduce the enemy’s damage output, particularly against high-impact physical damage dealers.
  4. Target Selection: While Alexander and Hannibal Barca are prime targets due to their passive ultimates, don’t overlook the potential against other physical powerhouses. Holy, Seon Fire, and Khan Lightning builds, known for their rapid physical damage, can also be effectively countered.
  5. Adaptation and Flexibility: Remember, the battlefield is ever-changing. Adapt your strategy based on your opponents’ compositions and the immortals at your disposal. While Weakening Curse offers a powerful tool, its optimal use requires careful consideration of the broader battle context.


Weakening Curse stands as a testament to strategic depth in Infinity Kingdom, offering players a powerful means to counter prevailing physical damage strategies. By integrating this skill with a thoughtful approach to skill synergy and timing, you can turn the tides of battle against even the most formidable foes. Embrace this strategy to not just survive but thrive against physical damage dealers, securing your place among the legends of the Infinity Kingdom.

Published: 05-03-2024