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Diddo-Merlin Offense

This guide is part of my article series on earth builds. If this build is not to your likeing, have a look at the rest of my builds on the water build page. I have multiple builds for any taste available, IB, PvE, arena/ToS builds and F2P/cheap builds.

This article is on water with Merlin-Dido as the center of attention. We are running Dido in this team, because she provides a crazy amount of physical defense to the team (awesome especially in this phys dmg meta!) plus she boosts the damage output of Merlin (50%) significantly by chilling enemies.

This build is made as an allround build performing very well against any enemy. It is not specialized to counter shadow or do anything specific, it is plain and simple a solid strong build for all content and highly competitive in PvP combat.

This build looses out to shadow like most other builds. It also looses against holy, like most others, but actually perform decently vs holy compared to other water setups (phys defense and damage output to chew through heals). If you want to fight holy/shadow u need to look elsewhere…

It is however, an awesome build and will kill most of what you will meet. If you are a low spender, this is the build for you! You can unlock Attilla, Dido through free to play activities. Ramses is very cheap to get.

This makes the build extreemly strong, as spending a few bucks makes you competitive with whales!


This setup is pretty simple to run. You toss on the right passives and watch Merlin melt everything!

When you are fighting you have 1 thing to beware of: Enemy Immortal placement. You are using Ramesses and as such you need him to be useful. He must face your opponents physical damage dealer (Alex, Siegfried, Barca, etc.). He will significantly slow down melees running cleave due to his phys shield and if the enemy run their offensive immortal behind their melee dmg dealer = you are golden as Ramssess will disarm the enemys bath/khan/gilga. Fortunately for you, your enemy will likely do just this, because people run shelter and backline-assist on the same side, leaving double dps on the other side.

If you are too lazy to check battle reports and change setup, then you should either go life link instead of Physical shield or swap into Herald with life link inplace of phys shield.

You want to run this passive loadout:

Dido: Oaken Guard + Assist + Sacrifice

Merlin: Concentration + Annihilation + Energy Burst

Ramessess II: Malice + Energy Suppression + Physical Shield

Attila: Fighting Mater + Death Breath + Weakness

Published: 12-04-2022