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Water-Fire-Hybrid setup progression path

WATER, FIRE and HYBRID progression path

Okay guys, welcome to a wierd one! I have been asked a lot to make free-to-play and low-spender setups and builds for people, and honestly I think they can be pretty tricky to get right. You are in a power disadvantage to many players spending making your only chance to compete having stronger builds and countering what your enemy is running. There is a huge focus on builds in Infinity Kingdom – and it is what makes this game so amazingly interesting to me.

So, for this article I am going to be sharing some of my ideas for builds in different spender-tiers. They are all focused on players who continued with developing water right from the beginning as a main, and they are all low-spender friendly, beginning from Free-to-Play and moving into builds that require some of the spender Immortals, while staying in the cheap-march-tier.

Progression path / Build versions

(1) Water + Fire w Gilga + hybrid
Water: Merlin + Yoshi + Herald + Attila
Fire: Gilga + Wu + William + Hippo
Hybrid: Zeno + Qin + Alex + Hannibal

We are beginning with a free to play build that can perform just fine. You are running a very standard water team, which may perform a bit underwhelming as a main. However, your fire and hybrid teams can do well as your second and third. Furthermore, as you progress and develop, you can choose to move further down the progression ladder staying with Water as a main OR swap into a Fire or Hybrid F2P main. I do think that both fire and hybrid is stronger as a complete free to play. However, getting Bathory or later Himiko Ragnar will enable you to continue running a viable strong water main.

(2) Water with Bath + Fire w Gilga/Seon & Wu + Hybrid
Water: Merlin + Bath + Herald + Attila
Fire: Gilga/Seon + Wu + Hippo + William/Trajan
Hybrid: Zeno + Qin + Alex + Hannibal

Version 2 here is a development on the very first setup version we went over here. We have grown and become able to use Bathory and possibly also Seondeok and Trajan. With Bathory instead of Yoshi your Water team become A LOT more powerful and you will increase your performance significantly in both PvP and PvE content. You can choose to keep Yoshi for boss-killing-builds, but other then that melt him.

If you are able to obtain both Seondeok and Trajan for your fire team, you can choose to run this as your new main. I would personally prefer this, however your dragon may be giving you problems. Without either of them (they are around 350$ each via bundles only) you can keep your Gilga Fire as a solid free second/third.

(3) Water w. Himiko + Fire + Hybrid
Water: Merlin + Himiko + Ragnar + Attila
Fire: Seon + Wu + Hippo + Trajan
Hybrid: Zeno + Qin + Alex + Hannibal

Okay okay okay, at this point you are becoming a true beast. Running three top tier builds, all of which pair perfectly with each other providing huge synergies from ToK-dispersion. These marches are ALL amazing and you can choose to run either one of them as your main. Go for whichever dragon you have highest level and once you have all three dragons maxed you can simply choose which one you want to main.

If you are able to hit true-max on dragon talents, you literally have three “main” marches. A very very powerful 3-march-setup that will perform well at the highest levels of play in even the most competitive servers.

Published: 17-02-2023