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Earth-Khan Main w. Fire and Shadow

I get a lot of players sending me requests for march setups. Some players are new to the game and needs a guide to progress from, others have solid game sense and is looking for sparring on their good ideas for each of their march setups and builds. There are many different players at many different skill levels. However, common for each and every single one of us is a simple thing – we all benefit from having more eyes commenting and discussing our build decisions. I know that my best builds are ones that have been picked to pieces by other players and put back togeather based on hours of critique, testing and discussion.

As such, I have a new concept idea for Wiki Guides. I am going to occationally share some of these discussions with you all in the hopes that you will both (1) join the discussion and keep it going on Discord and (2) learn a thing or two from the perspectives of other players.

This guide spring from a conversation I had with another player. This player asked me to comment and make my recommendations to improve his three-build composition with (1) Earth Khan main (2) Shadow secondary and (3) Fire third.

Current player setups

First of all, I think it is important to note that the build ideas and setups that we have here (player loadout) is quite solid. We have a lot of good ideas going on here, which we are going to reinforce and improve on.

For one, we are building a main earth khan, as such we are going to use all of the best passives we have here. Moreover, we are building it as a physical attack-speed build reliant on Alex dps and Khan wounds to kill our enemy. This means we are using Berserk and I would like to add Speed Blessing to fully gain the synergy of Alexanders Ability, Alexander’s Unique Artifact and these two insane passives. Stacking attack-speed as much as we can is a very good strategy for an earth Alex-centric setup. Moreover, it frees up passives for our shadow. With an Earth-Khan main we are using many passives that are useless anywhere else. This means we are able to run a Shadow and Fire team at quite high fighting strength. In fact, I think they are both to be considered secondary marches.

For shadow we have already got a build that attempts to balance defense with some crit and proc offense. We are going to fine tune this into a defensive shadow wall while stacking most of the pump-and-dump offensive passives on to our fire, where we gain maximum value and synergy.


For transparency if you are looking to do this setup, these are the dragons available to the player. They are quite close with shadow slightly behind but solid enough for a good setup. Fire at solid level w new rank 1 abilities. Earth clearly main and being focused as it should be. This player should finish building earth dragon then move on the focusing on fire while building shadow slowly as events reward dragon soul crystals.

My recommendation for all three builds

The player here have three very very solid setups going on there! But we can make some refined changes. Basically, I changed some stuff around making the shadow more of a slow-build tanky sustain, taking advantage of Bjorn and playing into the inherent ramp-up nature of shadow. Moreover, we are doing max burst crit on fire. The fire should perform very well especially when used with Crit Combat Buffs and have crit talents (player VIP 15). Note that once this player enteres the conquest stages and Unlocks Trajan. William should be replaced.

: Berserk + Absolute Defense + Assist
Khan: Anger + Death Breath + Blessing of Speed
Charles: Adrenaline Rush + Oaken Guard + Coercion
Alex: Duel Master + Cleave + physical shield

Bath: Fighting Master + Chaotic Blade + Paralysis
Himiko: Missleading + Toxic Nova + Fire Nova
Siegfried: resist + Malice + Fighting Will
Bjorn: After image + Shelter + Life-Link

— Dual Mage Fire —
Baldwin: Concentration + Root + Blessing of Defense
Wu: Chase + Annihilation + Rage
Hippo: Energy Burst + Energy suppression + Garrote
William: Weakness + Blessing of Rage + Blessing of War

While I have not played these myself, the respons I have gotten back from the Player who sent in the request are overwhelmingly positive. The setups seem to work very very well for him, in a server where most of the whales are either holy or earth variations with some big waters (e.g. water Khan setups).

Published: 08-01-2022