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Whale-killer (Charles & Khan) lightning (patch 2.3)

This guide is part of my article series on lightning builds. If this build is not to your likeing, have a look at the rest of my builds on the lightning build page. I have multiple builds for any taste available, IB, PvE, arena/ToS builds and F2P/cheap builds.

  • Low-spender / F2P friendly
  • Kills holy and earth whales
  • No unique artifacts or special ToK skills required

This article is on whale-killing lightning. As you know, there are many whales with holy and earth mains, which makes lightning a strong team to master.

Moreover, Lightning is surprisingly strong as a F2P or low-spender! If you are patient and smart about it, you can unlock Genghis Khan for free via events like Spring Fiesta + you can unlock Charles via game events. Both Khan and Charles is also available in Golden Path and once unlocked can be maxed with gems. This makes our BiS lightning team one of the cheapest top tier marches.

This is a very strong build that works as an allround lightning build for the player who needs lightning to do everything. Beware, that you may struggle a bit on bosses. As such, you should check out my lightning boss build.

This build loses to shadow, like most others, but perform at a mid-tier level vs shadow. It however, perform VERY WELL versus holy and earth and is an invaluable tool to have when you and a bunch of low-spenders are rallying down big whales – if you even need allies! This build in full F2P beats my main earth-wind hybrid and my holy-charles.

Immortal Setup – how does it work?

This setup is built to counter earth-pure, earth-wind-hybrids and holy (w or w/o Charles). It relies on Khan to deal large amounts of damage while being protected by YSG and Charles. It also works well, because of how strong the wounds debuff that Khan applies is. Would negates 100% of all healing effects on the target (besides shields and blocks). This means, Theodora or Zeno healing is reduces to 0%.

Furthermore, your YSG debuffs your enemies making them take additional physical damage from all three of your DPS Immortals + also it is important to note, that YSG transfers phys and magic defense, meaning he is an amazing Immortal to run Assist on, as he has insanely strong defense stats when we steals from the enemy!

You want to run Peter for his off-dps (he will deal around 2x more than YSG and around half of what Khan does). But he is important because he despells all buffs from our enemies. This means, Grace effects and shields from Charles.

Lastly, you want Charles as your last Immortal. Charles is amazing for his defense support. He is the strongest support Immortal in the game, simply because he cannot be hard countered by applying wounds. His shields will keep you safe for a long time!

If you run this on a budget and can’t be asked to farm Charles for free – then you can run is with Richard. Just make sure you have enough energy regen tech to have him stun before dragon hits. If you do not have enough tech to do that, you MUST run Richard with Adrenaline Rush.

Passive loadout

You want to run this passive loadout:

Yi Seong Gye: Assist + Absolute Defense + Malice

Genghis Khan: Anger + Energy Burst + Death Breath

Peter: Fighting Will + Shelter + Physical Defense (because we are countering earth and holy).

Charles/Richard: Oaken Guard + Coercion + Adrenaline Rush

Published: 31-08-2022