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CoR Golem Boss Build

Guide to Efficiently Killing Golem Bosses in Infinity Kingdom

In Infinity Kingdom, conquering Golem Bosses efficiently requires a strategic approach that differs from regular combat scenarios. This guide will provide you with a comprehensive strategy to tackle Golem Bosses effectively using a specific Immortal team composition and skill setup. We will also highlight the importance of control over defense and healing.

The Immortal Team

Your Immortal team is the cornerstone of your success in defeating Golem Bosses efficiently. The recommended Immortals for this strategy are Alexander, Khubilaikhan, Qin, and Zenobia. Equip them with unique artifacts to maximize their attack speed and damage output. The unique synergy of this team lies in their ability to control the Golem Boss while dealing substantial damage.

Skill Setup

For this strategy to work optimally, ensure that your Immortals have the following skills:

  1. Zenobia:
    • Weakness
    • Blessing of War
    • Wine and Dine
  2. Emperor Qin:
    • Berserk
    • Root
    • Blessing of Speed
  3. Alexander:
    • Wind Rage
    • Combo
    • Anger
  4. Khubilaikhan:
    • Adrenaline Rush
    • Energy Burst
    • Intimidation

The Key to Efficiency: Control Over Defense and Healing

Many players make the mistake of prioritizing defense and healing when facing Golem Bosses. However, this approach is less effective against these formidable foes. Instead, the key to efficiency is to focus on damage and control.

Control Mechanisms

Control mechanisms play a pivotal role in this strategy. Your team should be equipped to continuously control the Golem Boss, preventing it from unleashing devastating attacks and allowing your Immortals to maintain high damage output. Here’s how control is achieved:

  • Alexander’s Technology Procs: These trigger stuns, disrupting the Golem Boss’s actions and providing precious seconds for your team to deal damage without interruptions.
  • Qin’s Root: Emperor Qin’s Root skill further enhances control by immobilizing the Golem Boss, rendering it unable to attack your team.
  • Khubilaikhan’s Intimidation: Khubilaikhan’s Intimidation skill adds another layer of control, adding more root effects to the boss.

Efficiency in Action

To witness this efficient strategy in action, we recommend watching the accompanying video (insert video link here). In this video, you can observe how the Golem Boss is consistently controlled through roots and stuns, ensuring your team’s safety and maximizing damage output.

With this strategy, you can not only defeat Golem Bosses efficiently but also take on level 15 bosses with minimal troop losses. By prioritizing control over defense and healing and optimizing your Immortal team with the recommended skill setup, you’ll become a formidable force in Infinity Kingdom’s Golem Boss battles. Good luck, and may your conquests be swift and victorious!

Published: 29-08-2023