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Earth Bathory is back! Patch 2.6.8

Player Guide: Reviving the Earth Bathory Build in Infinity Kingdom

The Earth Bathory build has made a strong comeback with the availability of “Blade Vortex” and “Executioner” skills, which are now accessible through the Legion of Frostborne rewards. This guide will detail how to effectively utilize Bathory in a renewed Earth build that leverages these powerful skills for maximum impact in battle.

Core Immortal Setup

Bathory – The Damage Powerhouse

  • Skills: Blade Vortex, Executioner, Fighting Master/Battle Stance
  • Role: Main damage dealer
  • Strategy: Bathory’s ultimate, which is a damage over time effect, synergizes exceptionally well with Executioner, amplifying its damage output capabilities. Blade Vortex ensures consistent application of damage across multiple enemy units, making Bathory a devastating force on the battlefield.

Blade Vortex

Blade Vortex is recognized for its exceptional damage-per-second (DPS) capabilities. It triggers every 12 seconds after battle starts, causing physical damage to three random enemy units. Additionally, it applies the “Tear” effect, which deals physical damage every 3 seconds for 12 seconds. The continuous damage from Blade Vortex makes it a high-ranking skill for DPS, with a 100% uptime on 3 out of 4 enemy units, making it ideal for sustained damage output.


Executioner is designed to capitalize on continuous damage effects. After inflicting continuous damage 8 times, it deals significant additional physical damage to all enemy units and increases damage dealt to targets with less than 30% troops by 50% for 6 seconds. This skill excels when combined with other skills that apply continuous damage, enhancing its potential to deliver devastating blows during combat.

Synergy Between Blade Vortex and Executioner

The synergy between these two skills is notably powerful:

  • Blade Vortex sets up continuous damage across multiple enemy units, which primes the battlefield for Executioner to trigger its effect.
  • Once Executioner activates, it leverages the continuous damage applied by Blade Vortex to deal massive area damage and significantly boost damage against weakened foes.
  • This combination is particularly deadly because Blade Vortex ensures that Executioner’s conditions are met frequently and efficiently, maximizing the area and impact damage potential.

Charles – The Stalwart Defender

  • Skills: No-Escape, Purify, Life-Link/Weakening Curse/Aura
  • Role: Frontline tank
  • Strategy: Charles provides robust defenses with his shielding capabilities and utility effects. His skill set can be adjusted based on the opponent’s setup to either enhance his defensive attributes or disrupt enemy strategies.

Alexander – The Frontline Destroyer

  • Skills: Duel-Master, Combo, Wind Rage
  • Role: Secondary damage dealer
  • Strategy: Positioned to confront key frontline enemies directly, Alexander’s high single-target damage quickly diminishes the enemy’s front line, complementing Bathory’s area damage.

Zenobia/Theodora – The Sustaining Force

  • Skills: Spring of Life, Energy Shield, Purification/Oaken Guard/Adrenaline Rush
  • Role: Backline healer
  • Strategy: Whether you choose Zenobia or Theodora, the focus should be on maintaining high troop health and utilizing their skills for additional battlefield control or sustain, ensuring your immortals can withstand prolonged engagements.

Tactical Considerations

  • Control Immunity: Given the high stakes of control effects in PvP, Bathory’s third skill slot can alternate between Fighting Master for control immunity and Battle Stance for energy regeneration, depending on the opponent’s setup.

  • Skill Synergy: The combination of Blade Vortex and Executioner on Bathory creates a synergy that is geared towards maximizing damage output from continuous damage effects, making her incredibly lethal against weakened foes.
  • Adaptability: Always be ready to tweak Charles and Zenobia/Theodora’s skills based on the specific challenges posed by your enemies. Their flexibility can be pivotal in countering diverse enemy strategies.


The resurgence of the Earth Bathory build, powered by the synergistic combination of Blade Vortex and Executioner, provides a robust framework for players looking to dominate in PvP battles. This build not only revives a classic strategy but also adapts it to the current meta, making it a formidable choice for any player aiming to leverage Earth immortals’ strengths effectively.

Published: 07-05-2024