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Fire-Shadow-Hybrid: A Control Monster! (patch 2.6.5)

Dominating the Battlefield: A Budget Shadow-Fire Hybrid Build Guide

Commanders, welcome to a groundbreaking player build guide for Infinity Kingdom – a strategic masterpiece that not only defies the conventional wisdom but also proves to be a formidable force on the battlefield. In this guide, we will explore the nuances of a budget Shadow-Fire hybrid build that leverages the power of the fire dragon and synergizes with control effects for unparalleled dominance.

The Core Concept: A Shadow-Fire Hybrid

This innovative build takes advantage of the incredible strength of the fire dragon, an upgradeable dragon that can be maxed out for free. The fire dragon’s substantial damage output and ability to complement critical builds make it a standout choice. The Immortals in this build heavily rely on control effects, with Tomyris, Himiko, and Hippolytta leading the charge. The critical nature of this build makes it exceptionally effective at endgame, where fewer players opt for Malice, opening the door for powerful crit builds to shine once again.

The build relies on No Escape as the prime spender / pay-to-play skill. If you are unable to wield this skill, consider energy suppression as a super light version or consider Rage Blessing to get ahead in the energy game.

The Build Setup: Credit to RF of HBM

Here is the full build made by player RF of HMB server 56. All credit for this amazing build goes to him and him alone. He murdered my holy with it a few times and I absolutely love his build. Thank you RF!

Immortal Lineup: Control is Key

  1. Tomyris: Boasting the highest uptime on control effects, Tomyris confuses enemies with a remarkable 50% uptime or more. This constant state of confusion disrupts enemy strategies and sets the stage for overwhelming control.
  2. Himiko: As the main damage dealer, Himiko not only deals significant damage but also brings a powerful control effect to the enemy backline. The synergy between damage and control makes Himiko a linchpin in this build’s success.
  3. Hippolytta: With the ability to keep enemy energy regeneration and attack speed low, Hippolytta contributes to the overall control strategy. The reduced active enemies in the battlefield enhance Hippolytta’s value, allowing her to hit more attacks on the same target and remove entire energy bars with each cast.

Bjorn: A Questionable Choice

While the budget-conscious nature of this build opts for Bjorn, it is acknowledged that the 20% increased damage taken has limited uptime, particularly when enemies are frequently confused. Alternatives like Trajan, with added crit effects, or Charles, for defensive capabilities, may be considered depending on the specific challenges faced on the battlefield.

Strategic Considerations: Tailoring the Build

  • Trajan: With a unique artifact, Trajan becomes a potent addition to the lineup, offering powerful crit effects that synergize well with the build’s focus on critical hits.
  • Charles: In scenarios where additional defensive capacity is needed to withstand enemy assaults while waiting for control effects to take effect, Charles can make a significant difference.

Conclusion: Unleashing the Power of the Shadow-Fire Hybrid

In conclusion, this budget Shadow-Fire hybrid build is more than a breath of fresh air in Infinity Kingdom; it’s a tactical revelation. With a focus on control effects and the strategic use of the fire dragon, this build stands as a testament to the creativity and ingenuity of commanders seeking top-tier endgame setups without breaking the bank.

Aspiring commanders, take note of this groundbreaking build, experiment, and witness the battlefield transform into a realm where control reigns supreme. The power of the Shadow-Fire hybrid awaits – embark on this strategic journey and become a force to be reckoned with in the world of Infinity Kingdom!

Published: 22-12-2023