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Earth w. Zeno-Khan (2.2 meta build)

This guide is part of my article series on earth builds. If this build is not to your likeing, have a look at the rest of my builds on the earth build page. I have multiple builds for any taste available, IB, PvE, arena/ToS builds and F2P/cheap builds.

This build does well against shadow and absolutely murders holy. This build will kill holy marches at a 40-50k power disparity! like most others, but it is a strong build to use in a rally against an enemy holy-whale. This build is by far the best earth-march to fight holy. It is a great build to have in your repository and bring out when you need to counter a healing team – I personally rely on this to beat holy users in ToS and arena. 

Requires Khan maxed, thus you need to be atleast a low spender to get this build working right.

Tip: Remember we can unlock Khan in events like Spring Fiesta and max on gems.

Performs well against everything. Only thing it actually looses to is a stronger shadow march or earth with zeno-bath.

How does it work?

This article is on earth with Genghis Khan. We are running Khan in this team, because he is one of only two Immortals to provide the valuable “wounds” debuff. Disabling 100% of enemies healing done. This means, that this build is made to fight other earth teams (Zeno), and any other march that relies on healing to sustain itself.

The build was buffed massively with the release of unique artifacts for Alexander and Zenobia. Relying on the enchanced attack speed and CC immunity, Alex is a machine and dishes massive amounts of damage. Meanwhile, Zeno’s healing is unrivaled – especially on Alex. This makes the team VERY hard to kill whilst it also makes it a team with extreemly high damage.

Charles is also in place as the protector, shielding the team and providing a big buffer to allied troop count. Enabling us to soak damage with shields while healing.

Alex is a beast, and especially his single target is very strong. You want to run him so he faces the enemies front line damage dealer. If he is ahead of Manco, he will get him so low so fast that the Manco will deal no real damage!


This setup is pretty standard earth build. Only thing you need to worry about is making sure Khan gets to do his ability like clockwork. OBS! If you have low tech and Khan does not get off his ability Arrow Storm before holy dragon / water dragon / Zeno / Theo heals for the first time, then you MUST run adrenaline or a burst setup. Make sure your technology levels are sufficient by watching a couple arena battles.

You want to run this passive loadout:

Khan: Death Breath + Anger + Burst

Zenobia: Absolute Defense + Berserk + Assist

Alex: Cleave + Dual Master + Coercion

Charles: Oaken Guard + Malice + Adrenaline Rush

Important ToK passive optionals

There are a number of options available for this team, and you must change passives around to fit the meta you play in and against:

  1. Zenobia: Berserk or Weakness. This depends on your secondary march. I personally run fire-chase setup as secondary, which makes weakness A LOT stronger on my secondary.
  2. Alexander: A lot of options here. Dual Master or Fighting Will or Combo or Absorb. I run Dual Master because I am faced with many Qin and/or Khan marches. Making the wounds immunity invaluable. If you do not face wounds, you can choose between control, damage or more healing depending on your specific enemies.
  3. Charles: Adrenaline Rush improves your sustain (more shielding). If you do not have unique artifact you can also choose to go: Sustain/control = Energy supp. or more damage = life link.

Published: 12-07-2022