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New King of Boss-killing (march 2023 | patch 2.4)

Ladies and gentlemen, very recently I published the “best boss-killer build ever”. It did not remain the best for very long though! There are quite a few awesome players out there who are quite adept at putting togeather boss killing builds. Not long after I published the most recent build capable of doing 3.6% hits consistently, another player reached out to me with an even more powerful build! Yes you read that right, a build that does even more consistent damage against the Spider Boss!

In this article we are going to crown a new King of Boss Killing: Max from server 52 Arch! With this build he is consistently able to achieve well over 5% damage hits!! That is incredible and I am in total awe. All credit to Max and his awesome build.

Killing bosses efficiently

From beginner to the biggest of end-game whales are all limited by AP. Moreover, if you want to compete in the Titantula Spider Event on wednesdays and sundays you are going to need a top tier boss killer build that gets you comfortably into the top 10 consistently and gives you a solid window to win the killing blow.

I have published a fair bit of guides on making boss-killer builds with different elements, but never before have I seen a march as powerful as the one we are going to have a look at here today!

If you are out there right now thinking, hey I think I can beat this – then join the competition and send me your build and proof of damage blow that surpass this build! Join the fight to be crowned the King of the Spider!

What does “best” mean?

For bosses and spider you need one thing: Damage and tons of it! Now you may be thinking – well what about my troop losses? And yes, that’s well and good to take less damage fighting a boss, but how do you do that? You kill it fast.

For Titantula Spider you want to focus on two things: (1) Maximizing your damage to rank top 10 in as many spider kills as possible during the day. (2) getting the killing blow. And the best way to achieve that is more damage per strike. We need raw damage!

So the question is, how do we make the biggest and badest spider march on the playgound? We need high damage output Immortals, a damage boosting dragon. Moreover, we want our damage types from both Immortals and passives to have the highest possible single-target damage output (very different from gnomes or PvP).

The new King of Boss-killing

This is where things gets interesting. I would like to present you all to a boss-killer build made by the player “Maks” from Arch in server 52. Maks is the new King of Boss killing with the best results I have ever seen on a spider! Getting massive hits of over 5% he takes over as the new King of Bosses!

Maks is playing in Arch server 52 a tight nit community with a lot of very solid players. In this article, we are going to have a close look at the lastest King of Boss Killing build – a build that surpasses anything I have seen before and sends the crown to Arch of server 52!

The build setup

This build involves a number of different Immortals and no elemental synergies what so ever. As I outlined in the beginning we need raw damage and we need as much single-target damage as possible. The elemental synergy buffs are nice but they are by no means a match for stacking raw single-target damage. In contrast to the previous build we had last week, this build relies on a ton of energy regen and damage buffs to super-charge the damage of Yoshi while keeping high off dps on Khubilai and Hippo. We are running Yoshi, Mathilda, Hippo and Khubilai Khan.

This setup is masterfully skilled at dealing tons of single-target damage from Yoshi and Khubilai Khan while maintaing high attack damage and energy regen from Mathilda’s buff and an insane physical damage debuff from Khubilai.

  1. Yoshitsune. Is extreemely easy to obtain and very very powerful in single target combat since his skill will hit for full damage on a single target instead of spreading it across multiple enemies. With his unique artifact active we are dealing 4 attacks of 410% damage to the boss (total 1640% per cast). Moreover, when you hit a spider below 50% health Yoshi will add a massive 50% boost to his damage dealt, absolutely unrivaled for damage.
  2. Khubilai Khan. The same concept applies to Khubilai Khan. He deals multiple damage instances which all hit a single target when there is only one to hit! Therefore, he is a very strong Immortal for pure damage. In addition, he has a unique stacking physical damage debuff on the enemy which pumps up the damage of this setup to absurd amounts! His ultimate ability deals massive damage and makes the target vulnerable to physical damage by 30% for 9 seconds. The effect stacks up to three times. In total 90%. To maintain 100% of the time the you need as much energy regen as you can get, hence Mathilda and a solid energy regen artifact combined with energy regen tower of knowledge skills will ensure us that we don’t lose the debuff throughout the fight.
  3. Hippo. Hippo deals exellent single target damage and with the skill setup Life-Link and Absolute defense we are using her for massive effect on the enemy spider. For Normal Bosses, her ability to energy control and keep your team alive is vital and saves you a ton of troops!
  4. Mathilda. Matilda is the best support for immortals with multi attacks like Kublai Khan, Yoshitsune and Hippolyta. Each successive hit in their ultimate abilities deals more and more damage stacking quickly for all our three damage dealers to a massive 60% damage buff modifier. In addition to the massive damage buff, we are also gaining a solid 20% energy regen boost making our damage dealers able to almost constantly cast their ultimate abilities for massive output. A very interesting and extreemly powerful choice of support for this build.

Damage calculations from Mathilda’s buff

Yoshi’s damage is boosted my Mathilda’s 60% damage buff from Mathilda we are dealing 410% with the first attack, 492% with the second attack, 574% with the third and 656% with the fourth attack! Combined total of 2132% with every single ultimate cast. Impressive.

If the spider is below 50% HP Yoshi is hitting with another 50% damage modifier making first hit 615%, second hit 697%, third hit 779% and fourth hit a whopping 861% totalling 2972% damage.

For Khubilai Khan, his first hit of the ultimate strikes for 240%, second for 288% third hit for 336% and fourth and fifth hit are both for 384%. A combined total of 1632% damage per cast with just Mathilda buff modifier.

For Hippo the damage boost is naturally a fair bit lower, since her base damage is lower. But don’t let that fool you! With combat buffs and a solid damage rolled unique artifact her amazing 7x hits deal a ton of damage from sheer volume of hits. Her first hit with Flaming Smite deals just 120%, second hit 144% third hit 168% and fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh hits are all 192% hits as the Mathilda buffs stacks up. Totalling 1200% from a single cast of her ultimate.

Passive Loadout

We need to boost our damage as much as possible. This means, shelter, fighting will, life link, assist and all the other meta-passives for PvP are utterly useless. Instead, we are running all the damage and single-target passives we can muster.

So the idea for this build is to get as much dmg as you can in the time before the spider boss annihilates your team.


Mathilda has sacrifice to boost dmg on any of the 3 dmg dealers since he is support. War blessing and speed blessing further that point with the dmg and speed boosts. The important point for him is to have as close to 100% uptime on her buff as possible from his ultimate. The artifact we have for her boosts energy regen, the primary reason for using this artifact over others.


In addition, Hippolyta is indispensable on regular bosses. It makes it impossible for opponents to use their ultimative abilities, which significantly reduces the mortality rate of troops in the detachment. 50 deaths can’t leave anyone indifferent after the boss fight!

On Hippo we are running Weakness aura reducing the resistance of the target and two indispensable skills on the spider – Life Link and Absolute Defense.

Just Life-link and Absolute Defense alone can make for some extreem RNG damage outputs.

For example here we have a case where these skills dealt 90 million damage to the boss – this is approximately 1.8% of the total health of the spider! Unfortunately, these numbers are very rare, but you should see solid numbers around 20 million damage for most fights.

As the weakest dps immortal in this build, Hippolyta uses the skills of a support. For Artifact you want to run her Unique to get as many hits in as possible.

Be aware that you MUST place Hippo on the front left in order to have her tank bosses.


Yoshi has berserk to speed up auto attacks which synergizes well with Hippo and kublai while boosting energy regen for Khubilai with his skill Energy burst. Anger and Onslaught are there to just beef up his hits. Having his artifact helps add more damage padding with the 4th shot.

Khubilai Khan

Kublai has adrenaline rush and energy burst is used here to get more ultimates off to boost both his and the other immortals dmg due to the physical defense debuff it stacks. Lastly, Maks is running Wind Rage for max procs on his energy regen and a nice damage bonus.

His artifact is geared for attack damage. If you are able to get an artifact with energy regen for Khubilai, you can perform even better!

Dragon – the last key to the puzzle

Maks use the water dragon since he does not have any alternatives. As such, he is using the water dragon, which does provide a decent increase to Yoshitsune’s damage by another 15% from the element unique third ability. Moreover, with the Inspiration talents you can add a nice energy regen boost as well.

This build works with a water dragon, but I would expect someone who has a maxed fire dragon or lightning dragon to be able to deal even more damage!

Performance: (1) Spider

You get higher damage if you attack once spider is below 50% HP. When I’ve hit spider above 50% Maks tend to get into mid to high 3% range whereas hitting a spider below 50% enables hits well beyond 5%

Performance: (2) All Bosses

Life-Link and Absolute Defense can be replaced when you are fighting bosses, however, there is not much point in making the effort to do so, simply because this crazy build will kill any boss level 15 with ease!

Performance: (3) Chaos Golems

As for Contention of Relic’s Golems, we are killing them with ease using this build. Level 3 golem? No problem!

Published: 14-03-2023