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F2P fire with Tomyris patch 2.6.8

Fire-Tomyris Build for Free-to-Play Players in Infinity Kingdom

For players on servers in Season 3 or above in Infinity Kingdom, the Galaxy event offers cheap and even free access to key immortals like Tomyris and Himiko. This guide focuses on leveraging these opportunities to build a potent free-to-play fire setup centered around Tomyris.

The Advantages of Fire

Fire is a compelling element for several reasons:

  1. High Damage Burst: Ensures rapid troop count reduction, crucial in making an impact against stronger foes or in rally situations.
  1. Energy Regeneration Reduction: Immortals like Hippolyta excel in diminishing enemy energy regen, providing a strategic edge.
  1. Critical Chance and Damage: Building crit chance and damage is effective in the current meta, especially as high-power opponents often neglect Malice in their setups.

Key Immortals for the Build

  • Trajan: Increases crit chance and damage and serves as a durable frontline presence.
  • Hippolyta: Known for reducing enemy energy regen and attack speed, her multiple damage instances are vital.
  • Seondeok: Acts as the primary damage dealer with a powerful AOE nuke ability.
  • Tomyris: Provides battlefield control with her confuse ability, significantly aiding in damage ramp-up.

Crafting Your Fire Setup

Trajan’s Configuration

  • Basic Setup: Weakness Aura, Blessing of Rage, and Blessing of War are essential for foundational support.
  • Advanced Options: Include Weakening Curse for added debuffing and consider No Escape, Purify, or Energy Shield for flexibility, maintaining Weakness Aura.

Hippolyta’s Loadout

  • Basic Setup: Equip Death Breath, Energy Burst, and Full Coverage for significant damage output and instance frequency.

Seondeok’s Arsenal

  • Basic Setup: Utilize Anger, Adrenaline Rush, and Fighting Master or Rage for control setups or additional crits.
  • Advanced Skills: Incorporate Blade Vortex and Executioner for heightened damage, with Corrosive enhancing her destructive capabilities.

Tomyris’s Toolkit

  • Basic Setup: Malice, Assist, and Energy Suppression offer control and support.
  • Advanced Skills: Opt for No Escape and potentially Energy Shield, with Adrenaline Rush as an option for increased control effectiveness.

Strategy and Adaptation

The fire-Tomyris build’s success hinges on skill synergy and strategic immortal deployment. Adapting to the enemy lineup and server meta is crucial. Flexibility allows for effective counter-strategies, making skill selection and immortal pairing key to maximizing the build’s potential.


A fire setup with Tomyris offers a strategic advantage for free-to-play players in Infinity Kingdom, combining the elemental strengths of fire with Tomyris’s control abilities. By tailoring your strategy based on available skills and server-specific dynamics, you can create a formidable team capable of challenging a wide array of opponents. Adjustments and testing are essential to refine your approach and achieve optimal performance.

Published: 12-04-2024