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Water Bath Fire Gilga Hybrid

I get a lot of players sending me requests for march setups, lately I have been getting a lot of interest in running the earth-wind hybrid as a second or third team. Furthermore, many people seem to be running water mains where they have spent a little to get Attila and Merlin. Other prefer fire or lightning marches but many players are writing saying they have water main since the beginning of the game, but don’t know what to do with it to make it fit with a second and third march build.

This is the second build guide in the progression series. As such, we are developing upon the F2P build from last time. We are adding Elizabeth Bathory to the water main march for massive improvment to our main march. In addition, some players may at this point be able to run Seondeok who can replace Gilgamesh in our fire team for a nice improvement.

For the purpose of this guide I shall use a real player from the community. This player reached out and asked me to setup a complete three-march-setup that fits with what he has going for him at the moment. If you are progressing your setups into something more advanced than pure F2P and is looking for inspiration for how to setup your marches, this guide may just be for you!

Togeather with the community I ended up with this three-march-setup to recommend for our requesting-player: (1) Water main (2) Fire secondary and (3) Earth/Wind Hybrid third.

In addition to these builds and collective setup, I will include a link to future work on how these builds can improve and develop if you choose to spend to unlock new Immortals.

The builds

We are turning the water into a standard control-centric setup with Merlin as our core dps. As for the fire, we are building full offense and maxing its burst crit potention, with a bit of luck you can take down a huge chunck of HP on even marches with much higher power with an offensive fire. Lastly our hybrid will be a standard wind-earth hyrbrid with a few modifications since we are not running it as a main. Basically this hybrid is able to get massive value out of a lot of tok skills which are terrible anywhere else. Running it in this way means that we are using top tower of knowledge skills on all three marches instead of having a third with nothing going on (as is often the case).

As you progress you can swap your Yoshitsune and your Gilgamesh 1:1 with Elizabeth Bathory and Seondeok respectively. The build you want to run is as follows. Furthermore, if you can swap Herald with Ragnar this will give you a nice boost to your Merlin’s damage output.

: Concentration + Annihilation + Death Breath
Bathory: Assist + Malice + Absolute Defense
Herald/Ragnar: Shelter + Energy Suppression + Oaken Guard
Attila: Adrenaline rush + Fighting Will + Fighting Master

Seondeok: Anger + Chaotic Blade + Flame Protection
Wu: Chase + Toxic Nova + Rage (if you have enough crit to consistently proc chase, you can go double nova over rage)
Hippo: Energy Burst + Missleading + Garrote.
William: Weakness + Blessing of Rage + Resist

Zeno: Berserk + Blessing of Speed + Life-link
Qin: Coercion + Blessing of War + Blessing of Defense
Hannibal Barca: Cleave + Physical Shield + Heavenly Thunder
Alexander: Duel Master + Combo + Absorb

Further development and build progression

Like I said in the beginning of this guide, this is tailored for one particular player and then made into a generalized guide for others to seek inspiration from. Your Immortals roster, willingness to spend, server PvP meta may be a lot different from this player’s and as such you should as always make careful decisions that fit your situation. Use the above as inspiration!

In addition to the three-setup-builds we have gone other in this guide, I have made some progression pathways as part of a broader series on low-spender-three-march-setups: Read more here.

Published: 25-04-2023